Brands Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

For this post, we shall list all the different brands of Iron Sheet manufacturers in Kenya.  Depending on your preference and roofing budget, other alternatives to iron sheet roofing include concrete and clay tiles, asbestos roofing, and metal. The Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives reported that the steel industry forms 13% of the ever-growing Kenyan manufacturing sector. This significant growth contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.

If you are looking to build a house or any structure that requires iron sheet roofing, ensure you get the best quality to ensure durability.  Note that different gauges of Mabati cost different prices. The lower the gauge, the thicker the sheets making a 30-gauge Iron Sheet cheaper than a 28-gauge.

Iron Sheets Companies And Their Contacts In Kenya

CompanyNumberEmail AdressWebsite
Alfa Mabati Factory+254-718-666-222sales:
Boma Mabati Factory011-352-8387
Heritage Mabati Mills+254-746-667-456[email protected]
Imarisha Mabati Limited+254-0722-370-001[email protected]
Mabati Rolling Mills Limited 0756-020-169[email protected]
Maisha Mabati Mills Limited0756-020-169[email protected]
Rafiki Roofing Mabati+254-20-6558904[email protected]
Rhino Mabati Factory
Royal Mabati Factory Limited +254-722-638-383[email protected]
best iron sheets companies in kenya and their contacts

Best Iron Sheets Brands In Kenya

  1. Royal Mabati Company
  2. Devki Steel Mills Ltd
  3. Imarisha Mabati Ltd
  4. Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd
  5. Rafiki Roofing Mabati
  6. Maisha Mabati Mills Limited
  7. Super mabati

1. Royal Mabati Company

Royal Mabati Company

This Brand manufacturer has a factory on Mombasa Road, in Mlolongo, opposite the Sabaki stage. Some of the products of Royal Mabati Company include;

  1. Roman long tile
  2. Box & Bricktile Profile
  3. Corrugated Profile
  4. Commercial IT 5
  5. Euro tile Profile.

The company also deals with other accessories like roofing nails, valleys, ridges and rubber washers. The price of a 30-gauge Royal Mabati corrugated glossy is about sh.430.

2. Devki Steel Mills Ltd

Devki Steel Mills

Devki Steel Mills started as a small trader of Steel in Gikomba. The company now manufactures steel, roofing sheets, and cement and provides aviation services, making Devki Steel Mills one of Kenya’s most popular brands of Iron Sheets. They also have a wide variety of options, depending on your needs. They have mabati roofing sheets from as low as sh.530 for a 30-gauge iron sheet.

3. Imarisha Mabati Ltd

Imarisha Mabati Ltd

Imarisha is arguably the youngest player in the iron sheet industry, having been launched in 2017. The company has now grown into a six-roofing profile and accessories brand in the Southern part of Nairobi, along Mombasa Road. Some of Imarisha Mabati’s products are

  1. Imarisha Box
  2. Metro Tile
  3. Wave Tile
  4. Imarisha Classic
  5. Imarisha Prime
  6. Bamboo Tile

The price of Imarisha Mabati bamboo tile is approximately sh.680.

4. Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd

Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd

The iron sheet brand manufacturer is in Kitengela and manufactures custom-made roofing mabati and other accessories. Its manufacturers;

Box Iron sheets come in several colors: red, blue, charcoal grey, and brick red. 1m of Rhino Mabati costs approximately sh.470.

5. Rafiki Roofing Mabati

Rafiki Roofing Mabati

Rafiki Roofing Mabati is located off Busia Road in the Industrial Area. The company has been a trusted supplier to both residential and industrial customers for over 50 years, making it among the best Iron sheet brands in Kenya. They also offer free and fast deliveries to some areas. Some of their roofing products include;

  1. Rafiki Crimped
  2. Contempo 780/6
  3. 1110/10
  4. Rafiki Tile Corrugate 11/3
  5. corrugate 14/3

The price of Rafiki roofing mabati varies, depending on the type of material and the gauge chosen. Rafiki roofing mabati is available at around sh.530.

6. Maisha Mabati Mills Limited

Maisha Mabati Mills Limited

Maisha Mabati Limited is under the Devki Group of companies with over 30 years of experience producing high-quality steel. It is located in Ruiru town and is the only manufacturer of mabati found in Nairobi. Their central location allows for easy distribution. The price of 28-gauge Versatile Maisha colored roofing ridges is approximately sh.780

7. Super Mabati

Super Mabati

Super Mabati is located on Nakuru Pipeline, Elementaita Road. The brand manufacturer started small about seven years ago but has grown to compete with the titans of the Industry. Super mabati roofing products include:

  1. box profile roofing sheets
  2. corrugated iron sheets
  3. sancot roofing sheets
  4. super tiles roofing tiles

The price of super mabati roofing ridges and valleys is approximately sh.400.

This has guided the brands of iron sheets (mabati) in Kenya and their prices. Here are a few frequently asked questions on the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best iron sheets in Kenya?

Mabati Rolling Mills is arguably the top roofing solutions expert in Kenya and the region. The brand manufactures a broad range of roofing solutions and is popular for its DumuZas range of mabati. Their catalog includes DumuZas, DumuRangi, Resincot, CoverMax, and MaxCover.

What are galvanized Iron Sheets?

Galvanized Iron (GI) sheets are steel sheets coated with Zinc which creates a continuous barrier preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the steel, providing rust protection.

Brands of iron sheets in Kenya video

brands of iron sheets in kenya video

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