Bricks Versus Concrete Blocks

In summary, bricks are best used for building houses that are fire-resistant and have a high load-bearing capacity while blocks are best used to build houses that require less weight and more load-bearing strength, especially tall buildings. Concrete blocks and clay bricks have lots of differences in composition and usage. You may find that in some cases the material picked between the two ends up being unsuitable in terms of pricing and other aspects.

Bricks have poor paint-holding capabilities, especially in the early years after fresh painting. Concrete blo9cks on the other hand hold and maintain paint over a long period of time before needing to be repainted.

Are you torn between choosing bricks or blocks for building your house? In this post, we shall go into detail about the different qualities between bricks and concrete to help you choose the most suitable for your building project.

What Are Construction Bricks?


Bricks are rectangle-shaped materials used in the construction of buildings for walls. Bricks are usually made from the soil by making mud, shaping it, and burning it in a kiln. Out of the high temperatures, bricks are fire resistant and make quality building material that is eco-friendly. Learn more about bricks here.

What Are Concrete Blocks?


Blocks are wall-building materials made from concrete. Blocks are commonly made hollow to reduce their weight and make the building south-proof. Out of the hollow spaces, blocks are light but stronger compared to bricks.

Choosing Between Bricks And Concrete Blocks For Building

What is the difference between concrete blocks and bricks?


The difference between concrete blocks and bricks is their size, shape, and composition. Concrete blocks are larger in size and are made from concrete but are lighter than bricks which are made from soil. Concrete blocks are stronger compared to bricks. Concrete blocks can bear more weight compared to bricks which are heavier and add more weight to a building therefore can be suitable for tall houses.

Advantages of bricks over concrete blocks

  1. Bricks are eco-friendly
  2. Construction bricks fire resistant
  3. Bricks have good insulating capabilities

Advantage of Concrete blocks over bricks in construction

  1. Concrete Blocks are bigger in size than bricks
  2. Concrete Blocks are lighter than bricks
  3. Concrete blocks are stronger than bricks
  4. Concrete blocks accept paint easily and rarely peel off