Window Glass Types And Prices In Kenya

Construction glass in Kenya is among the main components in houses and other structures construction. Glass is used in different construction areas, including walls, roofs, windows, doors, and bridges.

The price of construction glass in Kenya varies depending on the type, quality, and intended use of the glass. Tampered glass is expensive compared to extra clean glass. The more sophistication, design, and quality of the glass, the higher the price.

The glass used in residential houses in Kenya is usually basic and cheap such as glass used for steel window frames and doors. A Breakdown of Price, Uses, And Types Of Glass In Kenya.

price of window glasses in Kenya

Window & Construction Glasses For Sale In Kenya

Window glass types and prices in Kenya

Construction Glass TypeConstruction Glass Price
Toughened Glass800 shillings
Clear Glass3mm@900 shillings /sheet
4mm@1300 shillings/sheet
5mm@2400 shillings/sheet 70/sqft
Reflective Glass Blue/Brown4mm@3000 shillings/sheet 80/sqft 4mm gray 3300 shillings/sheet 90/sqft
Decorative glass Films500 shillings
VIP TOP+ 15 Curtain Walls, Facades, and Wall Cladding Using ACP and Glass.7,500 shillings
VIP TOP+ 18 Stainless Steel and Glass Railing / BalustradesKSh 10,000
3 Shop Front Glass PartitionKSh 130,000
1 Fibre Glass WoolKSh 7,500
1 L Shaped/ Straight Glass Shower Cubicle EnclosureKSh 56,700
4 Glass Office PartitioningKSh 7,000
3 Glass FumesKSh 500
1 Exterior Glass WallingKSh 10,700
VIP TOP+ 4 Aluminium Glass Shop Front DisplaysKSh 20,000
VIP TOP+ 1 Classy Modern Glass RailingKSh 120,000
2 Aluminium Glass Louvres or Sun ShadesKSh 7,500
VIP TOP+ 14 Sky Light or Glass Steel or Aluminium Glass RoofKSh 10,000
4 Office Glass TintingKSh 1,000
1 Glass/Metal Sealant(For Fabrication)KSh 1,400
Frameless Glass160,000 shillings
construction glass prices in Kenya

Types Of Construction Glasses In Kenya

Glass Type In KenyaGlass Use In Kenya
Float GlassShop fronts, public places, and more
Shatterproof GlassWindows, skylights, floors, and more
Laminated GlassAquariums, bridges, and more
Extra Clean GlassHouse windows and more
Chromatic GlassICUs, meeting rooms, etc
Tinted GlassColored glass is mostly used in entertainment places
Toughened/Tinted GlassFire-resistant doors and windows, mobile screen protectors, and more
Glass BlocksArchitectural uses, skylights, walls
Glass WoolInsulating filler, fire resistance applications
Insulated Glazed Units/ Double glazed UnitsUsed for insulation purposes
Glass types, uses, and prices in Kenya

Engineering and Construction Properties Of Glass?

Glass has, for a long time now, been used in the construction of structures around the world. This is because of glass properties that make it ideal for constructing structures. Below are the properties of glass that qualify it as a construction material;

  1. Transparency
  2. Strength
  3. Workability
  4. Transmittance
  5. U value
  6. Recycling property

1. Transparency

The glass allows light to pass through it despite being strong. In the construction of houses and other structures around the world, there is a need to have a space that passes light into the structure and allows access to the view of the outside surroundings and environment. The wall is opaque; glass is the only material providing security and access to light and the outside view. This is why glass is used in structures’ windows, doors, and roofs during construction.

2. Strength

The construction of structures provides secure, strong, and permanent dwellings and working places. Glass is strong enough to be impact and fire-resistant, making it ideal for building structures. Combined with its qualities of transparency, glass makes a strong and aesthetically appealing construction material.

3. Workability

Glass can be melted, cut, and designed to fit any construction need. The versatile workability of glass provides versatility in uses and applications.

4. Transmittance

This is the ability of glass to transmit light.

5. Glass U Value

The u value of glass is the amount of heat that glass can transmit. Insulator glass is glass that has a low u value. Insulation is a property that is looked for in constructing houses and structures. Insulation in construction is essential since houses need controlled temperatures for comfortable and safe living conditions.

6. Recycling

Glass can be recycled. Hence, glass is environmentally friendly as construction materials and can be remodeled to fit a range of applications.

Common Questions On Glass Types, Applications, And Costs In Kenya

What is glass?

Glass is a hard substance manufactured through the fusion process. Glass can be transparent, brittle, or translucent. Glass is used for construction in walls, windows, roofs, aesthetics, etc.

What are the properties of glass?

Glass is used in construction because of its suitable properties as listed below; ✓ Glass is strong ✓ Glass can be recycled ✓ Glass is versatile in workability ✓ U-value ✓ Glass is transparent ✓ Glass can be designed to be colored for aesthetic construction uses ✓ Made to be tampered ✓ Some types of glass are designed to be fire resistant ✓ Glass can be toughened and thickened to become impact resistant such as bulletproof glasses. ✓ Glass can be made to be an insulator in construction

What are the different types of glasses?

There are different types of glasses including; ✓ Float glass, ✓ Shatterproof glass, ✓ Laminated glass ✓ Extra-clean glass ✓ Chromatic glass ✓ Tinted glass ✓ Toughened glass ✓ Glass blocks ✓ Glass wool ✓ Insulated glazed units

Where is glass used in construction?

In construction, glass has many applications, including; ✓ Shopfronts, ✓ Public places ✓ Windows ✓ Skylights, floors ✓ Aquariums ✓ Bridges ✓ Aesthetics ✓ Intensive care units in hospitals (ICUs), ✓ Meeting rooms ✓ Insulations ✓ Wall constructions, ✓ Fire-resistant doors ✓ Mobile screen protectors and more.

What is the u-value in construction glass?

U value in construction glass is used as the measure for the insulation properties of glass. The higher the u value of glass, the lower its insulation capabilities and vice versa.

What is laminated, tampered, or Toughened glass?

Tampered, laminated, or Toughened glass combines multiple layers of glass to make a thick, strong piece of impact and fire-resistant glass.

Construction Glass Types, Uses And Prices In Kenya