Construction Pipes Prices And Types In Kenya

The price of construction pipes is Sh.500-Sh.6,000 per 5m on average, depending on the radius of the pipe. Besides the radius of a pipe, other factors affect the cost of a construction pipe, as we will show you. The quality of a pipe contributes greatly to the cost of the pipe. We will also show you how to know a good quality pipe. The cheapest type of pipe is PVC pipes, and we will tell you why. The price of construction pipe will also vary with the purpose of the pipe. There are pipes made for heavy-duty carriage like pipelines. We will explain the materials favorable for heavy-duty pipes like this.

The material of construction classifies various types of construction types. Some materials, like steel, are further classified into subsidiary steel materials used in pipe construction. As we take you through the types of construction pipe, we will also explain which materials are used and the advantages and disadvantages of the material. We have prepared a list of these types of pipes, a detailed explanation of how the pipe is used, and the price of each type.

Types Of Construction Pipes In Kenya

1. PVC pipes prices


On average, the cost of PVC pipes in Kenya is Sh.800-Sh.1,000 per inch. It is readily available on the online and physical market. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a synthetically produced plastic polymer. PVC is used in the construction of plumbing pipes. It is preferred for water passage due to its corrosion resistance. Therefore, using PVC for plumbing makes water safe for drinking and skin. This feature has revolutionized piping from the age of metal piping. The biggest disadvantage of PVC pipes is their lack of strength compared to metal pipes. Apart from plumbing, PVC pipes are used in the following ways:

2. Heavy-Duty Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes prices


The cost of heavy-duty polyethylene pipes is Sh.900-Sh.1,000 per 5m on average, depending on the radius of the pipe. Polyethylene pipes are made from polyethylene material, the most common type of plastic produced worldwide. PE pipes are famous for their strong nature. It is made from high-density polyethylene with an extremely strong molecular bond. These pipes hardly budge when pressure is applied. They are known to bend but hardly break even with heavy loads. The pipe remains strong even in extreme changes in weather conditions. In addition to the pipe’s strength, it is also corrosion-resistant. These unique features are why the pipe is considered very useful in construction.

PE pipes are the best piping option for outdoor use. Their strength lowers the chances of vandalism greatly. Polyethylene pipes are used in the following ways:

3. Steel pipes prices


The cost of steel pipes is Sh.1,000-Sh.2,500 per 5m and 11mm radius on average. Steel pipes are naturally strong and are, therefore, used for various industrial purposes. Transference of large amounts of liquids is the most common use of steel pipes. The following are some of the uses of steel pipes in Kenya:

It is important to know that steel pipes are categorized into other types of pipes. The following are types of steel pipes:

4. Concrete pipes prices


The cost of concrete pipes is Sh.1,500-Sh.2,500 per 5m, depending on the pipe’s radius. Concrete pipes are made from concrete material. It is usually for heavy use, therefore, large. Transportating concrete pipes is highly expensive due to its density. Big industries usually use this type of pipe to run their waste out of the industry. Another instance is for government projects. These are some of the uses of concrete pipes:

5. Iron pipes prices

The cost of iron pipes is Sh.500-700 per 5m and 32mm radius on average. Iron pipes have been used for the longest time in the building industry before other materials. Iron has, however, gone down in popularity due to its susceptibility to rust. Iron pipes were the main option for plumbing in houses. This, however, is not the case at the moment. Using Iron pipes became a health hazard because of the rust particles. Iron pipes also wear off quickly and, when used for plumbing, can cause more dire leakage problems. The safest way that iron has been put to use is by galvanization. Galvanized iron pipes are still used to this day, together with pipe fittings. This reduces rusting reaction, and when done properly, it may prevent rusting for a good period.

6. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipe prices


The price of ABS pipe is Sh.1600-Sh.2,000 per 5m and a 40mm radius on average. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipe is known to be very strong. Due to its tough nature, it is used for plumbing, especially outdoor plumbing. It is durable due to its resistance to high temperatures and external pressures. These features are the reason for the pipe’s wide usage in the construction industry. The following are the uses for ABS pipes:

7. Stoneware pipes prices


The cost of stoneware pipes is Sh.1,500-Sh.2,000 per 5m on average, depending on the radius of the pipe. Stoneware pipes are made from heated clay. This makes the clay water-resistant so it can be used as a pipe. Heated clay is also very strong and, therefore, very durable. These pipes are usually used for drainage in the following areas:

8. Copper pipes prices


The cost of copper pipes is Sh.9,500-Sh.10,000 per 15 meters and 1mm radius on average. Copper pipes are used mostly for plumbing. They are a much safer option to deliver water in for consumption compared to iron. Copper is considered very durable due to its strength and resistance to corrosion. Indoor plumbing depends on copper for the supply of clean water for drinking. It is, therefore, always on demand, which explains why it is set at a very high price.

Construction Pipes & Prices In Kenya

Construction PipePrice
PVC pipe Sh.800-Sh.1,000 per inch
Heavy-Duty Polyethylene pipe (HDPE)Sh.2,000-Sh.3,000 per 5m
Steel pipe Sh.1,000-Sh.2,500 per 5m
Concrete pipeSh.1,500-Sh.2,500 per 5m
Iron pipeSh.500-700 per 5m
Stoneware pipeSh.1,500-Sh.2,000 per 5m
ABS pipeSh.1600-Sh.2,000 per 5m
Copper pipesSh.9,500-Sh.10,000 per 15m
Construction Pipes & Prices In Kenya

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Construction Pipe

1. Size

The size of a pipe is measured in terms of height and radius. A pipe with a large radius costs more to build and transport. Large factories use most heavy-duty pipes for their drainage systems, and by governments for community projects. They are only constructed to be used by large masses. The smaller pipes e.g. plumbing and wiring pipes, are far much affordable. They do not take a lot of material to construct and are also cheap to transport due to their low weight.

2. Transportation costs

The cost of transporting construction pipe will depend on the size of the pipe. A heavy-duty pipe costs a significantly high amount of money to transport. Depending on your county of residence, you will be charged extra taxes if you transport huge pipes. The distance in which you are transporting your pipes should be considered. Heavy-duty pipes will cost you a lot of money to have them transported for long distances. You should buy them locally or ship in builders to construct them closer to the site. Small pipes can be shipped from far away counties because it won’t cost much. Concrete pipes are very fragile. Try to avoid moving it for long distances to avoid losses. They should be constructed on-site if possible. If you transport concrete pipes, ensure it’s done with utter care.

3. Material

Different materials are used to construct different pipes. Each material has unique features that determine the cost of the pipe made from it. The most expensive materials are due to their durability levels, corrosion resistance, and unfavorable climatic conditions. When choosing a pipe, its material will determine how well it will serve you. Ensure you choose a pipe that lasts long, is strong, and cannot fold or break when pressure is applied. This will be more expensive. The price of the construction pipe will depend on your budget. The higher the quality of the material, the more expensive it will cost.

4. Demand

Some constructors buy pipes when the demand is a bit or very low. This is a major way to save money, especially when working with a minimal budget. When the demand is low, suppliers must lower their selling costs. You must study your market and know how you can benefit from this. You should, however, not be in a hurry. When the demand is high, buy time by engaging yourself elsewhere. A high demand will mean there is a low supply. The prices of pipes will shoot really high when the demand is too high. The suppliers already know that it is the “season” of construction. You do not have to build during these seasons. Take advantage of the demand and supply chain effect.


Which is the best PVC pipe for building?

Schedule 40 PVC is the best PVC pipe for a building. This is the strongest type of PVC pipe. It is resistant to external impacts. It is also resistant to tension. All these features make it the most preferable option for building. The Schedule 40 PVC is highly durable.

Which pipe is the strongest?

Steel pipes are the strongest type of pipes. A steel pipe is used for outdoor construction due to this ability. It is used to construct pipelines, sewers, and other heavy-duty pipes. Steel pipe is also known for its corrosion resistance. The steel pipe is known as the most durable type with these features.

Which is the most expensive pipe?

Copper pipe. The cost of copper pipes is Sh.9,500-Sh.10,000 per 15 meters and 1mm radius on average. Besides being a good conductor, copper is durable and highly corrosion-resistant. It is used to run water for domestic use in households. This is the safest option of pipe to be used for this purpose.

Which is the best pipe for construction?

Stoneware pipes are the best pipes for construction. They are made from heated clay to make the pipe completely water-resistant. They are the best pipes for any drainage because water cannot affect them. They are also strong and are not affected by climatic change at any point.

Which pipe is better than PVC?

Copper pipe is the best pipe. It is a hundred percent resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it is used in most households to run drinking water and water for domestic use. It is stronger than PVC or any other pipe. This makes copper pipes the most durable pipes among all types of pipes.

Which is the cheapest pipe?

PVC pipe. It is made out of plastic material. It has a very low weight, so it does not take a lot of energy to forge the PVC pipe. Its lightweight feature will save you money on very many ends. It costs lower to transport PVC pipes, and you do not require a lot of labor when building with PVC pipes as you would with steel pipes.

Which is the best pipe for wiring?

Polyvinyl Chloride pipe is the best pipe for wiring. PVC pipes do not conduct electricity. They are used for insulating electrical cables and wires. PVC pipes are light in weight, making them a fitting insulation option for small and big wires alike.