Cost Of A Lorry Of Building Stones, Blocks, Bricks In Kenya

The price of building Stones, Blocks, and Bricks in Kenya is 25,000 to 30,000 shillings per lorry. Depending on the type of building stones and quality, the price can rise or fall slightly.

One quarry stone costs 15 to 25 shillings, while 1 single brick in Kenya costs 5 to 15 shillings. Machine-cut quarry stones cost more than manually-cut building quarry stones, as we shall see later. The price of building stones also varies depending on the supplier, the source, and transportation costs if you decide to buy from the source.

Building Stones in Kenya are a vital material in building your house or any other structure. Building Stones are used to build house walls, including foundation walls. You might also be interested in starting a business selling building blocks in Kenya.

In the case of business, you shall need to source your building blocks in bulk from the source. Producers of building blocks in Kenya sell them at wholesale price, and you can buy from them and incur transportation costs to your supply outlet or a buyer’s construction site. Also, find out which one you should use between bricks and concrete blocks here.

Cost Of Building Blocks And Stones In Kenya

Building Stone TypesBuilding Stone Price
Bricks10 to 15 shillings per brick
Concrete Blocks15 to 25 shillings per block
Quarry Stones15 to 25 shillings per quarry stone
Interlocking Blocks25 to 35 shillings
ndarugo stones25 – 30 shillings
types and prices of building stones in Kenya

Building Stones & Concrete Blocks For Sale In Kenya

Types Of Building Stones In Kenya

Building Stones in Kenya come in different types, which are:

  1. Bricks
  2. Concrete Blocks
  3. Quarry Building Stones

Cost Of Bricks In Kenya

cost of bricks in Kenya

Bricks are an ideal material for building the walls of your house. Bricks cost 10 to 15 shillings per piece in Kenya on average.

Bricks have traditionally been used in Kenya for construction purposes. However, bricks are labor-intensive in the production phase. Bricks also weigh more than other building stones making them a poor choice for constructing your house.

Your house foundation requires the least possible weight to support for it to support your house sufficiently. The more weight your house has, the more the load and starting it puts on your foundation, raising the chances of sinking, cracks, and other costly errors after the construction of your house in Kenya.

Cost Of Quarry Building Stones In Kenya

price of quarry stones in Kenya

In areas where water and soil aren’t sufficient, the common building material used for walls in Kenya is quarry stones. Quarry stones in Kenya are either dug by manual labor or cut by quarry stone cutting machines.

Quarry stones in Kenya cost an average of 15 to 25 Shillings per piece. A lorry of quarry stones in Kenya costs 25-30,000 shillings on average in Kenya. Quarry stones are heavier than bricks and, therefore, an undesirable choice for building your foundation and walls.

Cost Of Concrete Blocks In Kenya

A single concrete block in Kenya costs 15 to 25 shillings. A lorry of building concrete blocks costs an average of 25,000 to 30,000 shillings. Concrete Blocks are designed and made in many different types. Concrete construction building blocks are the lightest among all construction stones.

Their interlocking and light qualities make them the best building blocks to use when building your house in Kenya. The lightweight they put on your foundation is manageable, reducing the chances of cracks or sinking of your house.

Furthermore, the interlocking feature of these construction blocks makes them the best to use in areas with unstable ground or areas that experience earthquakes since the waves from the earthquake are distributed equally within the house walls, thereby preventing cracks and costly accidents.

Cost Of Interlocking Building Blocks In Kenya

price of interlocking blocks

The price of interlocking building stones in Kenya is 25 to 35 shillings per piece. A lorry carries 600 to 800 interlocking blocks, therefore, the cost of a lorry of interlocking blocks is 15,000 for a lorry with a 600 blocks capacity at a rate of 25 shillings per block.

Ndarugo Stones Prices In Kenya

ndarugu machine cut stones prices

The cost of ndarugo stones in Kenya varies depending on the size. On average, the price of ndarugo stones in Kenya is 25 to 35 shillings depending on the size and cut.

Manually Cut Ndurago Stones Price

  1. 6’inch ndarugo stones – 25 shillings
  2. 9’ inch ndarugo stones – 30 shillings

Machine cut ndarugo stones prices

9×922 shillings
6×920 shillings
4×920 shillings
Machine cut ndarugo stones prices

Frequent Questions About Construction Stones In Kenya

What is the length of machine-cut stones in Kenya?

The length of machine-cut stones depends on the source and type of construction stone. On average, the size of machine-cut stones in Kenya is 4″,6″ And 9″

What is the cost of construction concrete blocks in Kenya?

Concrete blocks in Kenya cost 15 to 25 shillings on average. The price depends on the source and supplier of the concrete blocks. Different types of concrete blocks also cost different prices

Which stone is the best for construction in Kenya?

The best stone for construction in Kenya is concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are easy to access or make at the construction site. They are lighter and take less cement and sand to lay out their interlocking feature.

How much is a lorry of Ballast in Kenya?

A lorry of ballast in Kenya costs 30,000 to 40,000 shillings, depending on the supplier and type of ballast. Machine-cut ballast costs more compared to manually-cut ballast. The distance between the source of ballast and your construction site shall also determine the cost based on the transport costs.

How much does a lorry of building stones cost in Kenya?

A lorry of building stones costs 25,000 to 40,000 on average. The price of building stones in Kenya varies depending on the type, quality, and your chosen supplier.

What is the cost of 1 construction block in Kenya?

1 construction block in Kenya costs between 15 to 25 shillings or more. Note that there are many types of building blocks, and each comes with its own price. Different suppliers also charge differently depending on the material’s prices, transport, and other factors.

Are building bricks cheaper than blocks?

Yes, building bricks are cheaper compared to construction blocks. Blocks in Kenya cost more due to their better qualities for building your house, including being lighter, using fewer materials in terms of cement and sand, and more.

What is the cost of cabro block in Kenya?

The cost of cabro blocks in Kenya ranges from 800 to 1200 shillings depending on the type, quality, supplier, color, and more.

Cost Of A LorryTonne Of Building Stones, Blocks, Bricks In Kenya