Cost Of Metal Building In USA

Building a metal house in the USA costs $30,000 – $200,0000 on average. Building a 5,000-square-foot metal building costs $126,000 – $175,000 on average, as we shall expound later in this post. The cost of pre-engineered metal buildings is $25 – $130 per square foot. You can hire contractors to set up your structure or do it yourself. We have made for you a step by step instructions on how to build a metal building by yourself.

Before starting to build, you need to be aware of the various factors that affect the final costs of a metal building. The costs of additional materials, among other expenses, are mandatory when making your budget. We have prepared a detailed explanation of the additional costs of erecting a metal building. Find out more about garage door prices here


Cost Breakdown Of Materials To Build A Metal House

1. Metal Kit

The average cost of a metal kit is $25 – $130 per square foot. A metal kit contains the different metals needed to construct your building. It is pre-engineered with ready-made roofs and girts. The contractors’ work will only be to assemble the pieces.

2. Concrete Slab

On average, a concrete slab will cost $5 – $10 per square foot. Concrete is preferred to other slabs. It is available in every state and is also affordable. Different brands of concrete come in different qualities. There is a wide range to pick from, depending on your budget.

3. Windows

The cost of a window is $300 – $1500 on average. Windows come in different sizes. Your framing will determine the size you will purchase. Frame your window holes with your budget in mind. Large frames will require large windows, which will cost you more.

4. Doors

A door costs $500 – $2000 on average. This is the price of a typical door with a fair but not the best quality. The cost of a high-end door is $2500 – $5000. This steel is relatively stronger and more secure. It is the best option for buildings that are to store expensive items.

5. Insulation

The average insulation cost is $1 – $15 per square foot. The cost of insulation depends on the type of insulation. SIP Panels are the best quality and cost $5 – $10 per square foot. Fiberglass Rolls cost $1 – $2. We suggest you consider this when working with a minimal budget. Find out more about garage door insulation here.

6. Gutters And Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts cost $4 – $20 on average. They come in different materials: Plastic, Aluminium, and Vinyl. They come in various prices, plastic being the most economical option. When buying gutters, you should consider the rainfall level in your site’s location through the previous years. If the area experiences heavy rainfall, we advise you to get Aluminium gutters. They can withstand these conditions better than plastic gutters.

7. Plumbing Materials

Plumbing materials will cost $3 – $8 on average. These include pipes, barbs, elbows, and adaptors, to mention a few. The purpose of your building determines how you purchase these. For a home, you can be economical. A business, on the other hand, will need expensive plumbing. Businesses hold more people, and expensive plumbing materials withstand better in this environment.

8. Electrical Materials

The cost of electrical materials is $3 – $8. Wires and a main switch are among the electrical materials you will need. The size of your building will determine how much you will spend on electricity. Expensive but authentic electrical material is the best way to go. Electricity can be a danger to you later if you choose to be economical when buying materials.

Metal Building Cost Per Square Foot

Metal Building Square FeetCost
900 SQ FT$22,680 – $31, 500
1200 SQ FT$30, 240 – $42,000
1600 SQ FT$40,320 – $56,000
2400 SQ FT$26,400 – $60,000
3200 SQ FT$60,480 – $84,000
4000 SQ FT$100,800 – $140,000
4800 SQ FT$120,960- $168,000
5000 SQ FT$126,000 – $175,000
10, 000 SQ FT$252,000 – $350,000
Metal Building Cost Per Square Foot

Commercial Metal Building Costs


The cost of commercial metal buildings is $25 – $200 per square foot. Commercial metal buildings are constructed to accommodate businesses. Offices, industries, and health centers, among others, fall under this category. Business buildings are large and cost higher to construct compared to homes. They are also customized to the specifications of the owner. Due to this fact, they are rarely pre-engineered but created from scratch.

Metal Building Contractors In The US

Amstrong Steel BuildingsEnglewood, Colorado$7 – $10 per SQ FT
Rhino Steel BuildingsDenton, Texas$7.50 – $8.50 per SQ FT
Alpha StructuresWinston Salem, North Carolina$10 – $25 per SQ FT
Renegade Steel Buildings Inc.Commerce, Georgia$9 – $!3 per SQ FT
APX Construction GroupMankato, Minnesota$10 – $25 per SQ FT
MBMI Metal BuildingsDelray Beach, Florida$25 per SQ FT
General Steels CompanyLittleton, Colorado$18 – $25 SQ FT
Metal Building Contractors In The USA

How To Build A Metal Building By Yourself (Step-By-Step)


Follow the below step-by-step guide to build your metal building and save on extra costs.

  1. Avail and counter-check to make sure you have all the materials you need

    The first step is to ensure you have all the materials you need. Make a list, if possible. While checking, tick the materials. Make sure you have the correct numbers in set materials like plumbing materials. If something important is missing, you will get it beforehand rather than realizing this when the construction begins.

  2. Establish your foundation

    The second step is the foundation. First, you measure the borders and mark them. You then create cast-in drilled hole piles. Moving on, mix the concrete with water using a concrete mixer. Once you do this, pour the mixture into the drilled hole. The rest of the building’s strength will depend on whether the foundation is authentic.

  3. Set up truss legs on all ends of your foundation.

    The third step is planting truss legs. Dig holes on all ends of your foundation. Make sure all holes are of the same length. Carefully place the legs in a vertical position. Add cement to increase its firmness. These should be mounted deep into the foundation. This way, they will not be frail.

  4. Put up girders

    The fourth step is placing the rafters on the truss legs. This will be the main beam support. It will support other secondary beams.

  5. Install wall girts and purlins which serve as secondary framing

    The fifth step is to install the girts. This will connect the ends of your building. Place them carefully and accurately horizontally to each other.

  6. Finish up the end wall framing both horizontally and vertically

    The sixth step is to add framing to your walls. This is before you erect the walls. The framing will serve as extra support for the wall. It will also be used to add on interior finishing when the main structure is completed

  7. Measure and cut your openings which is where the windows will go

    The seventh step is drilling the walls open. This will be where your windows and doors will go. First, look at the design again to be sure the initial outlook doesn’t change. Second, take the measurements. Be careful when taking measurements. The measurements of the windows will need to be the same for every window in the building.

  8. Set up doors and windows.

    You are now close to the end. Mount the hinges of your door and windows. Drill in the screws very tight. Once you are done, try opening and closing the door and windows. If they make a creaking sound, tighten them until the sound ceases.

  9. Install sheet walls

    The ninth step is to erect your sheet walls. You first drill your nails into the framing you mounted earlier. Ensure the whole wall is covered, leaving no gaps.

  10. Install sheet roofing

    The tenth step is to cover the top of your building. From the center, drill the sheet as you move to the end. Be cautious when setting up your roof to avoid accidents. Ensure you wear the right attire with a helmet.

  11. Add your trim kit (If you have one)

    The next step will be finishing. A trim kit is unnecessary, but it is the best way to personalize your building. This should be done strategically. It will cost more to redo this in case of a mistake. A trim kit will save you space if you want to buy a fridge or microwave later.

  12. Finally, set up gutters on your roof.

    The final step is installing gutters. Use a steady ladder to reach the roof. Drill your gutters at equal intervals. Mount downspout on one corner that leads to a drainage. Gutters will prevent erosion around your house during heavy rainfall. When done, paint the building to the color of your liking.

Cost Of DIY Metal Building Kits

Metal Building KitsCost
Core Structure$8 – $25 per SQFT
Foundation$5 – $15 per SQFT
Framing$5 – $15 per SQFT
Finishing$15+ per SQFT
Cost Of DIY Metal Building Kits

Factors Determining The Cost Of Metal Building In America


1. Durability

The lifespan of metals will depend on how it reacts to different conditions like heat, rainfall, and hurricanes. Metals that can withstand these harsh conditions will be priced higher. Constructors prefer steel because of its corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions. Different types of steel come at different prices.

2. Size Of The Building

Larger metal buildings cost more due to a couple of factors. A large metal building will require more material; therefore, costs will be higher than smaller buildings. Transporting large materials will cost you more. You need a large truck or more than one truck. Paying the surveyor and getting a license will also cost you more if your building takes up a big space per square foot.

3. Demand

When the demand for metal exceeds the supply, the cost will increase. This is due to the scarcity of metal. A steady supply of metal will ensure the prices remain fair. Low demand for metal with a high supply chain will maintain the prices at a minimum.

4. Design

Simple designs like halls will not need a lot of material compared to an office with smaller rooms. Complex designs will cost more. Domestic homes do not have complicated designs. Two-bedroom and one-bedroom houses will not cost as much. Commercial buildings are erected to the preference of the owner. They are also situated closer to urban centers. Naturally, construction costs tend to be high when building around a city

5. Transportation Cost

The longer the distance of transportation, the higher the cost of construction. When looking to build a metal house, ensure you find a local supplier for your building materials. If available, buy all your material from one stop. Most contractors will give a discount if you buy in bulk. The heavy nature of metals is its biggest disadvantage. Transporting metal is expensive.

5. Accessories

You will need windows, doors, concrete, and metal kit. The larger your structure, the more you will spend. When working with a minimal budget, minimize the number of windows on your design. Different types of windows, doors, plumbing materials, and electrical appliances exist. Complex designs like chandeliers, sliding windows, and doors will cost much more. The final decision will be yours on how much you want to spend

FAQs About Metal Building Costs In The Us

Is it cheaper to build your metal building in America?

Yes. It is more economical to build your metal building because you will not need construction costs. You can get help from family or friends for the heavy lifting. We have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a metal building yourself. Your contractor will also provide a detailed manual on how to build a metal house by yourself.

How much shall it cost to build a metal building per square meter?

The cost of a metal building is $2 – $19 per square meter to build a metal building.

Are metal-building homes worth it?

Yes. They can withstand harsh conditions and are secure due to their strong nature. Steel doors are impenetrable by robbers. Metal buildings are the perfect choice when storing expensive goods. They are worth it, especially for commercial purposes. They also last up to 100 years and have no maintenance costs.

Is it cheaper to build a house out of wood than metal?

Metal houses are cheaper due to reduced maintenance costs. Wood houses will have to be refurnished every once in a while. In case of a termite infestation, metal buildings will not be affected. Metal buildings can also withstand harsh conditions better than buildings built with wood.

What is the cheapest type of building to build?

A rectangular building with recycled material. A rectangular shape only has four sides, so not much material will be required. Recycled material is cheaper, and you can pick out quality material if you have a good eye.

What is the cheapest metal building size?

900 SQ FT building. A good example is a one-bedroom house. The cost of transportation will be low because of the low weight of the metals. Paying the contractor is affordable. It will not be that difficult if you choose to build yourself.

How much labor cost do you need to build a metal house?

$5 – $15 per square foot, depending on the contractor you will work with. The larger the size of your building, the more labor you will need. You will spend more on a large structure than on smaller buildings.

How long do metal homes last?

They last up to 100 years. Metal homes can survive tough conditions like hailstorms, heavy rainfalls, and wildfires. Windows and interior accessories can be replaced over the years. The shell will remain strong, though.

What is the cheapest foundation for metal buildings in the USA?

Concrete slab. It is easily available. Applying concrete is not as difficult, especially if you are building by yourself.

What are the types of metals used in building?

Steel, Copper, Iron, and Aluminum. Steel is used to make the shell of the building. Aluminum is used as the exterior of windows. Iron can also be used in making the shell of your building.

What is the best type of metal house?

Steel houses. Steel is the strongest metal due to a couple of factors. It resists harsh weather conditions like heat, rain, and hurricanes.

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