How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In Namibia?

Building a house in Namibia costs N$800-N$6,400 per square meter. However, the cost varies depending on factors like location, design, and type of house, as we shall see later. A 3 bedroom house is ideal for a family home. Building a 3-bedroom house in Namibia costs N$300,000-N$700,000 on average. In cities, the cost of building a house is higher than in rural areas: For instance, the cost of building a 3-bedroom house in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek, is N$450,000-N$700,000 on average.

Apart from the size and location of the house, the cost of building in Namibia is also determined by the house’s proximity to a road or an airport. We will explain to you why it’s more expensive to build a house close to a main road. Before we do that, let us first break down the cost of building a house into subsidiary costs. We will look at their importance and the factors affecting their cost.

Cost Breakdown Of Building A House In Namibia

Here, we have prepared a list of the necessities for building a house. We will focus on the most important ones. Without them, a house cannot be considered complete. Remember these necessities when making a budget to build a house. Whether you have a lot or a little money, a budget plan is necessary. When drawing a plan, ensure you include the following:

1. Price of land in Namibia

The average price of land in Namibia is N$1,200-N$3,500 per square meter, depending on the location and status of the land. On average, 1 acre of Namibia costs N$150,000 in Withoek, while the prices vary for other areas. The cheapest land in Namibia is found in rural areas, while prices in urban areas are higher. When building a house, you must buy land if you do not have one already. When buying land to build a house in Namibia, consider the following factors:


2. Cost of construction labour in Namibia


The cost of hiring one person when building a house in Namibia is N$18-N$60 per hour on average. Workers in Namibia are paid depending on their level of experience. The ones that receive the lowest pay are the manual labourers who lift building materials like bricks. Below them are the labourers that do jobs requiring a little skill, like welders. The ones that get the highest pay are the overseers.

3. Construction Transportation costs in Namibia

When building a house, you must consider transport charges regarding car hire costs. Doing so lets you know whether you need a small or large car. The average cost of hiring a heavy-duty vehicle in Namibia is N$30-N$40 per hour. Hiring a small car will cost you an average of N$20-N$30 per hour.

4. Cost of building materials in Namibia


The most expensive part of building a house in Namibia is building material costs, accounting for 60% of the total cost. Bricks, blocks, and foundation work account for 40% of the total cost of building materials, while electrical materials take 15%, roof and ceiling materials take 12%, and other building materials take the remaining 11%. Namibia’s average cost of building materials is N$2,130 per meter square. The cost of building materials for a 3-bedroom house in Namibia is N$260,000 on average.

Building MaterialsBricks, Blocks, and foundation
Bricks, Blocks and foundationN$ 852 per square meter
Ceiling and roofingN$255.6 per square meter
Electrical MaterialsN$319.5 per square metre
Painting WorksN$2.13 per square meter
PlumbingN$63.9 per square meter
Tile worksN$213 per square meter
Contigency materialsN$127.8 per square meter
Windows and doorsN$106 per square meter
FencingN$190.07 per square meter
Cost of building materials in Namibia

How many building materials do you need to build a house? This varies depending on the following factors:

The building materials used to build houses in Namibia are many. Different houses, however, use different building materials depending on the design of the house. Below is a table of the basic building materials necessary for any house design and how much they cost.

Basic Building Materials And Cost In Namibia

Building MaterialCost
RoofN$850-N$3,400 per sqm
CementN$90-N$120 per 50 kg bag
BricksN$2-N$5 per brick
LumberN$1,000-N$5,000 per cubic meter
WindowsN$500-N$3,000 per window
DoorsN$700-N$5,000 per door
PaintN$30-N$80 per sqm
Types Of Building Materials And Cost In Namibia

What Is The Cost Of Building A 3-Bedroom House In Namibia?


The cost of building a 3-bedroom house in Namibia is N$300,000-N$700,000 on average. In Namibia, the location, design and size determine the cost of building a house. It is cheaper to build houses in rural areas compared to urban centers. A good example is the capital city of Namibia. On average, building a 3-bedroom house in Windhoek is N$450,000-N$700,000. The closer your house is to the central business district, the more the cost of building it.

Houses in Namibia come in different sizes depending on the number of bedrooms. A 3-bedroom house is the best option for a family. Below is a table of different house sizes and how much they cost in Namibia.

House Size And Cost Of Building In Namibia

House SizeCost Of Building
1 BedroomN$50,000-N$100,000
2 BedroomsN$150,000-N$250,000
3 BedroomsN$300,000-N$700,000
House Size And Cost Of Building In Namibia

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What is the average cost of buying a house in Namibia?

Buying a house in Namibia costs N$1 million-N$1.5 million on average. The cost varies depending on the following factors:
1. The size of the house: The larger the house, the more it will cost to buy it.
2. The location of the house: The closer the house is to a city, the more it will cost to buy compared to houses far away from cities, like remote rural areas.
3. The house’s proximity to a means of transport: Buying a house by the roadside is more expensive than in the interior locations.

Are foreigners allowed to invest in Namibia?

Yes. Several foreigners live in Namibian cities solely to invest in the country’s economy. Most foreigners have tapped into the real estate industry. Investing in the Namibian economy is a leverage to foreigners. The government recognizes investors by allowing them to own and buy houses.

What is the most expensive place in Namibia?

The capital city (Windhoek), among other cities in Namibia. The city’s cost of living is high compared to rural areas, keeping the cost of goods and services high all year through. Foreigners living in Namibian cities have increased the cost of living. Ludwigsdorf is an example of these cities.

Is owning property in Namibia expensive?

It is expensive to own property in Namibian cities. The cost of living in these cities has risen over the past years and is still rising. In turn, the cost of goods and services has also gone up. The rural areas, however, still live comfortably.

What housing problems are in Namibia?

The majority of Namibian citizens cannot afford to buy a house. Houses are being built, but there are very few people purchase them. The jobs that they do does not pay enough to sustain themselves and still save for a house. In addition to that, only a few citizens qualify for mortgage loans.

Can one buy a house in Namibia?

Yes. Buying a house in Namibia is easy whether you are a Namibian citizen or a foreigner. Foreigners who buy houses in Namibia do this because it is a good place for investment. Most citizens cannot afford to buy houses because they do not qualify for mortgage loans, yet their pay is insufficient.

Can foreigners buy a house in Namibia?

Yes. The number of foreigners living in Namibia is very high compared to other African countries. In Namibia, when you have an active investment running, the state allows you to live in the country and buy a house.

Things you should know before you buy or build a house in Namibia