Price Steel Bars In Kenya

The average price of steel bars in Kenya is 480 shillings to 2,500 shillings depending on the gauge. It is very important that you know how the cost of construction steel bars affects the construction cost of a certain project. In structures of civil engineering, steel bars are usually used together with concrete in order to create concrete-reinforced slabs and columns.

The ribbed type of steel bar usually is high-strength deformed steel which is manufactured by use of hot rolled steel bar that is cold twisted. As the name suggests, the ribbed type of steel bar has rib projections on its surface. They come in various sizes which range between 8mm and 40mm in width. The ribbed type of steel bar is preferred by most people as compared to twisted steel bars in concrete reinforcement.

The high-yield ribbed type of steel bars has a guaranteed minimum yield stress that is 420n/mm2. It also has a tensile strength of which is 500n/mm2. The ribbed type of steel bar percentage elongation is 10%. Accordingly, the yield stress of the ribbed type of steel bar which is 420n/mm2 is used as the value that is used to denote the general yield strength of the high-yield ribbed type of steel bars. Also, check out how much cement costs.

price of steel bars in kenya

Prices Of Steel Bars In Kenya

Steel Bar GaugeSteel Bar PriceSteel Bar Image
D8 steel barSh480D8-steel-bar-price
D10 steel barSh680D10-steel-bar
D12 steel barSh980D12-steel-bar
D16 steel barSh1,780D16-steel-bar
D20 steel barSh2,900D20-steel-bar
D25 steel barSh4,700D25-steel-bar
D32 steel barSh7,100D32-steel-bar
Binding for steel barsSh3,200Binding-for-steel-bars
Hoop Iron for steel barsSh2,700Hoop-Iron-for-steel-bar
Prices Of Steel Bars In Kenya

Considerations When Buying Steel Bars In Kenya

Another reason why most people in Kenya prefer the ribbed type of steel bars as opposed to the twisted type of steel bars is because of the structural properties and cost savings.  The ribbed type of steel bars is able to easily bend 180 degrees, with no fractures or rather cracks.

The structural properties of the ribbed bars generally make them viable for welding by use of electric flash which includes butt welding and arc welding. The ribbed bars as opposed to the ordinary twisted steel bars have excellent bonding features and properties hence it is unnecessary to use the hooks. It is very economical as their use often cuts the reinforcement cost up to forty percent.

A survey that was conducted concerning the different hardware stores available in Nairobi shows that even though there are many different brands of steel bars available that include Tononoka, Doshi, Apex, and Accurate, the cost of the steel bars for construction is based entirely on whether the buyer is willing to buy. The construction steel bars come in different sizes that include D16, D12, D10, and D8 (D representing diameter)

Qualities Of Ribbed Bars

Size8mm to 40 mm wide 
Yield stress420n/mm2
tensile strength500n/mm2
percentage elongation10%
Qualities Of Ribbed Bars

Conclusion On Steel Bar Costs In Kenya

As of now, you are already aware of the prices of steel bars in Kenya and how you can easily choose the best steel bar type for your construction project. In case you are not sure of the best steel bar type to use in construction, you should be in a good position to schedule a call with your trusted contractor or rather a supplier, that will assist you in choosing the best steel bar type so as to successfully complete your construction. As you have clearly seen, it is not that expensive to acquire steel bars although if it is too much for you, you can always bargain depending on your supplier. Read about the prices of steel windows in kenya.