Price Of Wood Timbre In Kenya

The price of timbre in Kenya is 20 shillings to 300 shillings per square foot depending on the type of wood. For instance, cypress timbre costs are higher compared to bluegum wood timbre

Down below we have provided you with a list comprising of the different timbre types and their market price in Kenya that you can consider using for your construction project. You can also find out the price of ceilings here.

Price Of Timbre In Kenya

Cypress timbre2*2- Ksh. 25 for each foot
4*2- Ksh.60 for each  foot
6*1- Ksh.36 for each foot
Mukima timbre6*1- Ksh. 23 for each foot
4*2- Ksh. 40 for each foot
2*2- Ksh.20 for each foot
Pine timbre20 to 300 shillings per square footPine-timbre
Bluegum timbre20 to 60 shillings per square foot.Bluegum-timbre
Cost Of Wood Timbre In Kenya

Timber Costs In Kenya

As you are well aware, the cost of construction projects in Kenya has been influenced by many factors which include legal, economic, social, technological, and geographical variables. In order to successfully complete a construction project, you should be able to have the right timbre for the task. The cost of construction timbre in Kenya is a major factor that could cost you not to complete your construction project in case you can’t find the right timbre for the right price.

The unit rates for timbre in Kenya tend to extensively vary from one region to another or rather depending on the type of construction project you plan on completing. This means that they aren’t standard building or construction costs available in Kenya. Although, you can easily find the construction cost per square foot in case you decide to calculate. It is not possible to cover every place in Kenya together with the various construction project types at a single standardized rate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Types And Prices In Kenya

How much is blue gum timber in Kenya?

The price of bluegum timber is 30 shillings per foot. In areas where there are many blue gums in Kenya, the price can be as low as 20 to 25 shillings.

Which timber is best for furniture in Kenya?

The best wood for furniture in Kenya is cypress, blue gum, and pine. However, some scarce types of timbre such as mvuli produce the best furniture pieces.

What is the cheapest wood for furniture?

The cheapest wood for furniture in Kenya is blue gum timber. It is the most common, however, some furniture manufacturers in most urban cities with many construction projects use second-hand timbre from construction sites.

What is the strongest timber for furniture?

The strongest timbre for furniture is hardwood. Furniture made of hardwood is usually of high quality, strong, and last longer, they also look great.

hat is the price of 4×2 timber in Kenya?

The price of 4×2 timbre is 40 to 55 shillings in Kenya. The price of each type shall be lower or higher than this.

What are the prices of pine timbre in Kenya?

The prices of pine timbre start from 20 shillings to 280 shillings in Kenya depending on the size of the timbre.

What is the price of 3×2 timber in Kenya?

The price is 25 to 40 shillings or more depending on the type of timbre.

Where To Get Timbre In Nairobi

Where To Get Timbre In Nairobi