Price Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

The price of iron sheets in Kenya is 400 to 3,500 shillings depending on the brand, gauge and type of iron sheets. In this post, we shall go into detail about the price or different types of iron sheets in Kenya and the best iron sheets to use for your roofing. Find iron sheets for sale here


The higher the gauge of iron sheets the lower the price. Low-gage iron sheets are thicker making them costlier. The cost of iron sheets in Kenya also varies depending on your location due to transport costs from iron sheet factories. Below is a table showing the price of iron sheets in Kenya.


Iron Sheets For Sale In Kenya

Prices Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

Iron Sheet GaugeIron sheet Cost/PriceIron Sheets LengthImage
30′ iron sheets gauge448-470 shillings/=1 metre30-iron-sheets-gauge
32′ iron sheets gauge370-420 shillings/=1 metre32-iron-sheets-gauge
28 gauge700 to 1,200 shillings/=1 metre28-gauge-iron-sheets-price
Valley/ordinary iron sheetssh.400/=1 metreValley-ordinary-iron-sheets
Oriental tile iron sheetssh.980/=1 metreOriental-tiles-iron-sheets-prices
Versatile iron sheetssh. 780/=1 metreVersatile-iron-sheets-price
box profile iron sheets470 shillings./=1 metrebox-profile-iron-sheets-price
price of iron sheets in Kenya

Types And Cost of Iron Sheets In Kenya


The classification of iron sheets is done according to the various designs from the brands available. The designs are from various patterns used when making the ridges normally found on the sheets. Here are some types of iron sheets.


1. Valley/ordinary iron sheets price in Kenya


They are very commonly used in residential houses. Valley iron sheets have round-shaped valleys that are usually spread across close and regular intervals. They are also called common iron sheets due to their popularity and affordability. The price of valley iron sheets in Kenya is sh.400

2. Cost Of Oriental Iron sheets


Oriental iron sheets have round ridges divided into rows throughout the entire length, giving a beautiful appearance that compliments the finishing. Oriental tiles are available from sh.980 for the 28 gauge.


3. Price Of Versatile Iron sheets


Versatile iron sheets have box-like ridges that are divided into short spans throughout the length of the iron sheet. Versatile iron sheets are available in Kenya at a price of sh. 780 for the 28-gauge from Maisha Rolling Mills. They are long-lasting due to the coating of steel, aluminium and zinc protection. They come in brick red, blue, chocolate and grey tiles.

4. Price Of Box Profile Iron Sheets In Kenya

The box profile iron sheets have wide boxes running along the length of the sheets.  They are available in several colours such as blue, red, charcoal grey, signal red, brick red, tile red, maroon and green. The price of box profile iron sheets in Kenya is 470 shillings.

5. Polycarbonate Roofing sheet

Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic containing carbonate groups in its chemical structures, making them very expensive. They are lightweight and translucent making them ideal for places you would require ample sunlight such as patios, greenhouses and warehouses. They cost about sh.13,000.

Factors To Consider When Buying Iron Sheets In Kenya

Roofing is a vital part of every building. The roof protects the house from weather conditions such as sunshine or rainfall. It also adds more beauty to the exterior appearance and makes the building look more appealing. There are many types of iron sheets and you will need to keep in mind what type of building it is. A good example is using plastic sheets on temporary buildings.  Here are some factors to consider when purchasing iron sheets.

1. Size

You will have to consider the length/width of the sheets and the gauge you will want.  In Kenya iron sheets are sold in the following lengths; 2m, 2.5m and 3m. The width is usually 0.85m for all sheets. You should choose according to the size of your building and budget, or you may consult a professional. The gauge determines the thickness of the iron sheets. The thickness of the iron sheets increases as the gauge decreases. 

2. Colour

Iron sheets are either pre-coloured or plain in colour. The pre-coloured is available in green, blue and red. The plain ones aren’t coloured and can be painted after being fixed on the roof.

3. Cost

This is the main factor to consider. You will have to ensure you get absolute value for your money. You will want to get the best type of iron sheets within your price range. The gauge plays a part in the cost as well as the material.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Price Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

What is the current price of iron sheets in Kenya?

The current price of iron sheets in Kenya is 570 shillings on average. The price might be lower or higher depending on the gauge and type of iron sheets you need to buy.

Which are the best iron sheets in Kenya?

The best iron sheets are affordable, have a gauge and size that shall last and cover your project and have your desired colour.

How many types of iron sheets are there?

There are 6 types of iron sheets in Kenya. Every type of iron sheet comes with its features.

What is the cost of an iron sheet?

The cost of iron sheets in Kenya is 370 to 800 shillings on average.

Which are the cheapest mabati in Kenya?

The cheapest mabati in Kenya are the ordinary iron sheets which cost 400 shillings on average.