How Much Does Roofing Cost In Zambia

The cost of roofing in Zambia is ZMW.200-ZMW.3,500 per square meter on average. There are a lot of factors that determine how much roofing will be sold in Zambia, as we will show you. The quality of roofing material in terms of strength and durability are the most critical factors. A strong roofing sheet is crucial because it offers adequate protection. Roofings with solid roofing materials, therefore, cost more compared to roofing made from weaker roofing materials. We will take you through both of them.

Some roofing types are made from weak materials but are still very strong. Each type of roofing material is essential in one way or another, and we will show you how. Roofing serves a lot of purposes apart from protection from harsh weather conditions. We will look at all the purposes roofings serve and how the different types of roofing are affected by the level at which they can perform these services.

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Cost Of Different Types Of Roofing In Zambia

Types of roofing materials are differentiated by the material used to forge them. There are two major types of roofing materials:

The above significant types of roofing materials are further classified into other types of roofing. Below are the types of roofing in Zambia, their unique features, and how much they cost.

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1. Iron sheet roofing in Zambia

The cost of iron sheet roofing is ZMW.300-ZMW.1,000 per square meter. The cost of iron sheets varies depending on the following factors:

Price Of Iron Sheets in Zambia


The price of iron sheet roofing in Zambia is ZMW.300-ZMW.1,000 per square meter. This price varies due to the following reasons:

2. Tile roofing in Zambia

The price of tile roofing in Zambia is ZMW.60-ZMW.70 per roof tile. Tile roofings are not very common in Zambia due to the expenses one incurs. Below are reasons why tile roofing is expensive and can only be afforded by a small percentage of Zambians:

Price Of Roofing tiles In Zambia


The price of roofing tiles in Zambia is ZMW.60-ZMW.70 per piece of tile. Roofing tiles are sold on a large scale, depending on the area of your roofing. The price of roofing tiles in Zambia in square meters is ZMW.100-ZMW.250 per square meter. Below are other factors that determine the price of roofing tiles in Zambia:

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3. Aluminium sheet roofing

The cost of Aluminium sheet roofing in Zambia is ZMW.2,500-ZMW.3,500 per meter on average. Aluminum sheets are solid and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It’s the strongest type of roofing sheet, noticeable by its price. The price of Aluminium sheet roofing varies due to the following factors:

4. Plastic sheet roofing

The cost of plastic sheet roofing is ZMW.150-ZMW.200 per meter on average. Plastic sheet roofing is good for shades and corridors e.g., shop corridors. Plastic sheet roofing is very advantageous in the following ways:

Types Of Roofing And Cost In Zambia

Type Of RoofingCost
Iron sheet roofingZMW.300-ZMW.1,000 per square meter
Tile roofingZMW.60-ZMW.70 per roof tile
Aluminium roofing ZMW.2,500-ZMW.3,500 per meter
Plastic roofingZMW.150-ZMW.200 per meter
Types Of Roofing And Cost In Zambia

Roofing Companies In Zambia


Which type of roofing is cheaper?

Iron sheet roofing. Iron sheet roofing costs ZMW.300-ZMW.1,000 per square meter on average. This cost varies depending on whether the iron is galvanized or not. Non-galvanized iron sheet roofing is a cheaper option. Before going for this, you should understand that galvanized iron sheet roofing might be costly, but it has a longer life span because it is resistant to corrosion.

What types of roofs are in Zambia?

1. Tile roofing: They are also known as concrete tiles because they are made from that material.
2. Sheet roofing: Sheet roofing is further classified into Aluminium sheet roofing, Iron sheet roofing, and Steel roofing.
3. Plastic roofing: As the name suggests, plastic roofing is made from plastic. They are the easiest to handle because of their lightweight.

Which roof type is the most expensive?

Roof tiles. The cost of roof tiles is ZMW.60-ZMW.70 per roof tile on average. The surface area of a roof will determine the number of tiles needed. Roof tiles are tiny, therefore, a large number is required to cover one roof. Apart from that, roof tiles are heavy in size, so they cost a lot to transport.

What is the strongest roof design?

Pitched roof design made into a 4-sided hip style. This roof design is solid because the roof is held down firmly on all 4 sides. The conventional 2-sided pitched roof design is nailed onto two sides of the house framing. Unlike that, a hip roof style develops more excellent support by nailing the roof onto 4 framing sides.

What are the types of roof styles?

1. Flat roof style: This is when the roof is nailed flatly on the framing without inclination.
2. Hip roof style: Hip roofing is when the roof is pitched and connected to the four sides of framing.
3. Gable roof style: This is when the roof is pitched into two sides. On both ends, from the roofing tip to the framing, lumber is nailed from one side to another to increase stability.