Cost Of Wiring A House In Kenya

The average cost of wiring a house in Kenya is 40,000 to 400,000 shillings in Kenya. In this post, we shall help you determine your exact cost.

Depending on the type and size of your house, the price of wiring can be lower or higher than the mentioned average. To help you know the exact cost of wiring your house in Kenya, we have prepared a detailed breakdown in this guide. Also, read how much it shall take you to construct a house here.

Cost Of Wiring A House In Kenya

Wiring MaterialPrice
Connecting electricity15,000 to 50,000 shillings
Electrician costsA quarter of the total cost
Light Fittings300 to 6,500 shillings
Wiring Devices (Switches)75 to 1,500 shillings
Earthing / Grounding Products700 shillings to 60,000 shillings or more
Low Voltage Switch Gear300 to 70,000 shillings
Wiring Extension Switch Socket300 to 2,000 shillings
CABLE ACCESSORIES20 to 2,300 shillings
Cost Of Wiring A House In Kenya

Wiring Costs Per House Sizes


What is the cost of hiring an electrician in Kenya?

The cost of hiring an electrician to do the wiring for your house in Kenya is a quarter of the whole cost of wiring. For instance, the total cost to wire a 4 bedroom is 200,000 shillings, and therefore expect an electrician to cost 50,000 shillings from the total cost.

Cost Of Connecting KPLC Electricity In Kenya

The cost of connecting kplc electricity in Kenya is 35,000 shillings for a single phase, 50,000 shillings for a triple-phase, and 15,000 shillings for single-phase rural electrification. The above costs apply only if you are not more than 600 meters from the grid. This is the cost of connection alone minus the cost of the installation which includes wiring costs. Before starting the kplc connection process, you have to have a technician do the wiring and give you a certificate that is required when applying for kplc power connection. Below is the process of connecting kplc power in Kenya.

Cost Of Connecting KPLC Electricity In Kenya

How To Apply For KPLC Electricity Connection

As mentioned earlier, you have to do the wiring and get a wiring certificate from your technician. After getting a certificate to confirm that you’ve done professional wiring of your house, follow the below steps on how to apply for kplc electricity connection to drop kplc power.

  1. Choose the application type

    Start by choosing whether you shall apply for an electricity connection online or offline. Both perform the same purpose and your choice shall depend on convenience. Applying online is more time-saving and recommended than a physical application.

  2. For physical application, visit the nearest kplc office.

    If you choose to apply physically, you shall need to visit the nearest kplc offices. Remember to carry the documents we shall mention later.

  3. For online applications, visit the kplc application portal.

    If you opt to apply online, go to the kplc application online using your smartphone or computer.

  4. Have the needed application documents available

    For online you need scanned copies of your; national ID, certificate of wiring from the technician, property ownership documents, and your kra pin. Carry hard copies of the above documents when going to apply physically.

  5. Fill in the application form.

    For both online and offline applications, you shall be presented with a kplc connection application form. Fill out the form and upload or attach the required documents and submit.

  6. Wait for KPLC to visit your site

    After applying, kplc representatives shall visit the site and confirm that you have standard wiring in place and also estimate the cost of connection.

  7. Pay kplc connection fees

    After the site visit, you shall be required to pay the connection charges. As mentioned earlier, connection charges are 35,000 for a single phase, 50,000 for a triple phase, and 15,000 if you are connecting a single phase in rural areas.

  8. Kplc shall send technicians to connect your house to the power grid.

    After payment, kplc shall have its technicians visit your site and connect your house to the power grid. By this time, you shall be connected and ready to use kplc electricity in your home. You shall be required to pay electric bills on a post-pay or prepay basis.

FAQs On KPLC Power Connection

How much does it cost to apply for kplc connection?

Application for kplc connection is free. After applying you shall be required to pay a kplc connection fee of between 15,000 to 50,000 shillings depending on the connection type you choose.

How do I get electricity connected to my house?

To get electricity connected to your house in Kenya you should apply for a connection at kplc online application portal or physically at your nearest kplc office.

How much are kplc meter separation charges?

Kplc meter separation charge is 3,480 shillings.

How much is kplc prepaid meter?

Kplc prepaid meter costs around 10,000 shillings. However, you shall not be charged for the meter as the total cost of the power connection includes costs for the meter.

What is the cost of kplc electric pole?

A kplc wooden electric pole costs 10,000 shillings to 20,000 shillings while a concrete pole costs 20,000 shillings to 50,000 shillings. Normally kplc buys and installs electric poles and the power grid and won’t require a customer to buy a pole.

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