Price Of Cement In Kenya

The price of cement in Kenya is 500 shillings to 1000 shillings depending on the brand, quality, application, and type of cement.

The cement price for particular uses like sticking tiles and waterproofing is lower than regular building cement. Below is a detailed breakdown of the cement price in Kenya. You shall also find cement to buy in this post.

Price Of Cement In Kenya
Cement BrandPrice
Savannah Cement510 to 650 shillings Per bag
Mombasa Silver Cement580 shillings per bag
Bamburi cement510 to 1,000 shillings per bag
Superset Tile Adhesive Cement400 shillings per bag
Waterproofing Cement150 to 200 shillings per bag
Simba Cement500 to 1,000 shillings per bag
Nyumba Cement500 to 600 shillings per bag
Price of a bag of cement in Kenya

Cement For Sale In Kenya

List Of Cement Companies In Kenya & Their Prices

  1. Bamburi cement
  2. East African Portland company
  3. Athi River cement company
  4. Rhino cement
  5. Savanna cement

Cement production in Kenya is above the user’s needs, making Kenyan cement companies one of the main suppliers in East Africa. We compiled this list of Kenya cement companies to help you whenever you need them.

1. Bamburi cement

Bamburi is among Kenya’s most popular cement companies, if not the most popular cement manufacturing firm. It is also the oldest cement manufacturing company. The headquarters of the Bamburi Company is located in Mombasa, and some of its offices are found in Athi River and Nairobi.

2. East African Portland company

The East African Portland Company is Kenya’s second biggest cement manufacturing company after Bamburi Cement. The company can be found in Athi River.

3. Athi River cement company

Athi river cement company is among the leading cement producers in Kenya. According to its name, the company is located in Athi River.

4. Rhino cement

Although it is new, it is among Kenya’s leading cement producers. It is growing and increasing in popularity and sales at a fast pace. It is found in Athi River. Rino cement costs 610 shillings per bag.

5. Savanna cement

Savana Cement is also a new cement manufacturing firm, unlike the other cement companies, although it is growing and becoming more popular. It is also found in the Athi River. Cement prices are generally affordable; hence most people have started turning their attention to the company products. Savana cement costs 500 to 650 shillings per bag.

6. Simba Cement

Simba Cement manufactures and supplies affordable cement in Kenya. Below are the prices of Simba cement in Kenya.

How Many Bags Of Cement Are Needed For Building A House

The number of bags of cement needed to build a house in Kenya varies depending on the house’s type, size, and features. Expect to use at least 550 bags of cement for a 5-bedroom and 950 bags for a 3-bedroom house.

Generally, 5 bags of cement are expected to cover a square meter of the concrete slab, while you shall need at least 1 bag of cement to lay 100 blocks during construction.

Bags Of Cement Needed For Building A House Foundation In Kenya

Building a foundation in Kenya is one of the parts of building a house that takes the most cement.

A foundation is mainly made of slabs and foundation walls. Concrete for a slab meant for building a house foundation takes 5 and a half bags of cement per cubic meter of the slab. Laying foundation walls shall take approximately 1 bag of cement to lay 100 blocks of the foundation wall.

FAQs About Cost Of Cement In Kenya

How much is a 50kg bag of cement in Kenya?

A 50 kg bag of cement costs 500 to 600 shillings in Kenya. Find the exact costs of cement for each brand above.cost-of-a-50-kg-bag-of-cement-in-Kenya

How much is a bag of cement in Kenya in 2023?

A bag of cement in Kenya costs 500-600 shillings on average. The cost shall vary depending on the brand and manufacturer.

How many bags of cement can build a single room?

You shall need approximately 10 bags of cement for every square meter of a one-bedroom in Kenya.

Which cement is used for waterproofing?

Cement used for waterproofing has water-repelling additives that prevent cement from absorbing water. Waterproofing cement in Kenya costs 150 to 200 shillings per kg.

Which is the cheapest type of cement in Kenya?

Bamburi cement is the cheapest in Kenya compared to other brands. However, the prices between cement brands in Kenya differ by only a small margin.

Price of cement in Kenya 1 Bag 50kg Pack