Irrigation Farming Systems In South Africa

As an investor in agriculture real estate in South Africa, irrigation farming systems are crucial in your projects. Irrigation farming has gained ground in South Africa and contributes to the nation’s food stability. In this post, we shall take you through irrigation systems in South Africa, including types and uses to help you make informed decisions.

The size of the land is what determines its best-suited irrigation system. Different types of irrigation systems work differently, as we will show you. Some irrigation systems are better suited for gardens, while others can water a large farm without problems. As we take you through the types of irrigation systems, we will also tell you the size of land each irrigation system can cover. Below is a list of the irrigation farming systems in South Africa:

Each type of irrigation system is effective in its unique way if used properly. Each type also comes at different prices depending on the range the system can irrigate. Below are the costs of irrigation systems in South Africa. We will also look at each irrigation system’s features to better understand how they work.

Types, Uses, And Costs Of Irrigation Farming Systems In South Africa


1. Sprinkler Irrigation System

The cost of a sprinkler irrigation system is R.15,000-R.30,000. The cost varies, depending on the range a sprinkler’s valve can cover.

Sprinkler irrigation system waters plants by imitating rain. The water is released in small amounts to its immediate circumference. The stronger the valve, the further the water from the sprinkler will reach.

A sprinkler’s effectiveness is evident in a small plantation, for instance, a small garden with a cabbage plantation. The height of the plant has to be short so that other plants are not obstructed from getting water.

With an enormous land, you can install multiple sprinklers. They can be connected to the same pipe and still work well.

A) Advantages Of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

B) Disadvantages Of Sprinkler Irrigation

C) Application Of Sprinkler Irrigation System

2. Trickle Irrigation System (Drip Irrigation)

It is also known as Drip Irrigation System. A complete drip irrigation system costs R.261-R.261 per square meter.

A drip irrigation system is installed in lines next to plants. The water trickles down into the soil little by little.

Drip irrigation is adequate on small-scale farms but still works well for large-scale. The system will still work on a large scale but is costly to buy and install.

Unlike other irrigation systems, you can buy the exact size of outlets to irrigate your land using a drip irrigation system. The larger the land, the more outlets and connection materials will be needed.

A) Advantages Of Trickle Irrigation System

B) Disadvantages Of Trickle Irrigation System

C) Application Of Trickle Irrigation System

3. Furrow Irrigation System

The cost of a furrow irrigation system in South Africa is R.150,000-R.500,000. A furrow irrigation system can water plants in a broader range than other irrigation systems. Water runs through piping channels to the land, where they are buried in the soil. The irrigation system is meant to water the roots as a priority. The furrow irrigation system is, however, costly not only to purchase but also to install. After installation, it does not end there. The system needs to be watched closely and maintained to avoid unnecessary losses. With enough financial resources, furrow irrigation systems are a very effective way of watering a large land.

A) Advantages Of Furrow Irrigation System

B) Disadvantages Of Furrow Irrigation Systems

C) Application Of Furrow Irrigation Systems


How do irrigation farming systems work?

1. Sprinkler irrigation system: It is connected to a water outlet, for instance, a tap, and releases water in controlled amounts. The water is spread to the plants in their immediate surroundings.
2. Furrow irrigation system: This system consists of large pipes that water the plants underground. The pipes are buried in the soil. This way, they water the plant from the ground.

What farm irrigation systems are used in South Africa?

1. Drip irrigation system: Waters the plant by continuously releasing water drops. It is installed in lines which are installed along the lines of the plant.
2. Sprinkler irrigation system: Releases water in controlled amounts and spreads it into its immediate circumference. It is most effectively used to water small lands.
3. Furrow irrigation system: Most effective when watering a large scale of plants. It is the most expensive type of irrigation system.

How much is the cost of an irrigation system in South Africa?

An irrigation system in South Africa costs R.15,000-R.500,000 on average. The cost of an irrigation system varies depending on the type. For instance:
1. Sprinkler irrigation system: R.15,000-R.30,000
2. Furrow irrigation system: R.150,000-R.500,000
3. Drip irrigation System: R.261-R.261 per square meter

What crops are grown through irrigation in South Africa?

1. Vegetables like cabbage and kale, among others.
2. Potatoes. Both Irish and sweet potatoes.
3. Fruits like oranges and avocados, among others.
4. Beans.
5. Peas.