Is Lauzon Hardwood Flooring Good For Your Foor?

Is Lauzon hardwood flooring good for your house floor? The short answer is yes, Lauzon hardwood flooring is one of the best wood flooring options for a house. However, there are always reservations, and not all homeowners might select Lauzon hardwood for their floors. Some people prefer using limestone flooring, discover more about limestone here. This review shall go into detail about the pros and cons, and prices of Lauzon hardwood flooring to help you make an informed decision.

Lauzon has been in the hardwood flooring field since the 80s. Over this period they have mastered their art coming up with an extensive range of hardwood flooring. They have a vast series and collections of hardwood flooring based on hardwood species, construction types, and colors as we shall explore below.


Lauzon Hardwood Floors Technology & Features

1. Lauzon Pure Genius Hardwood Flooring Technology


Lauzon flooring brings a unique taste to hardwood flooring with inclusion of the pure genius technology. Pure genius is a technology innovated by lauzon that clears impurities on hardwood floors while purifying the air passing over your floor to eliminate bad odors and keep your floor and house smelling fresh.

Lauzon has employed this technology on most of their hadwoord flooring collections that we cover in this review.

2. Lauzon Room Virtual Designer Software


Lauzon allows you to simulate how their different hardwood flooring collections and designs shall look once installed in your house. Rather than guessing, you can take photos of rooms in your house and upload then to the tool which simulates to help you what the look of your floor shall actually be. Try the lauzon virtual disigner technology.

3. Lauzon Protection, Luster & Surface Polish

Degrading of hardwood floors is a commong issue especially from scratches reduce the once appealing look of your floor. Lauzon employs their trademark titanium finishing technique to ensure your hardwood floor stays intact and appealing over a long period of use. It also prevents aging of the wood from sunlight and can be comfortable for outdoor spaces such as balconies.

Lauzon hardwood flooring are brushed then sanded to give an elegant and exclusive smooth result after coating. To achieve unique and natural flooring, lauzon hardwood flooring pieces are brushed and smoothened by hand.

Lauzon Hardwood Floor Collection & Designs

1. Lauzon Designer Collection

While the Ambiance collection has a certain aesthetic, the Lauzon Designer collection offers a completely different style, with few new species introduced to choose from including Yellow Birch, Black Walnut and a few exotic kinds of wood. This collection is also available in solid, engineered and herringbone as well.

If you are looking for something that stands out and is durable, considers trying out exotic woods. The Lauzon International collection features three unique species namely; Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry and African Sapele. All boards on this series have Pure Genius and come with a velvety sheen and smooth finish. If you are looking for something just as unique, but less colourful check out their Line Art series.

The Organik series is an interesting alternative with Hard Maple planks as the grades vary as much as the styles with options from Tradition to Character class. On the other hand, the Urban loft series has White Oak brushed flooring and an ultra-matte finish. Several other series are available such as Homestead and Hamptons. All flooring from this collection has a 35-year guarantee.

2. Lauzon Ambiance Collection

The Ambiance collection from Lauzon is a line consisting of North American hardwoods. There are three series in this collection Émira, Authentik, and Tempo. All these come with Lauzon’s Titanium finish.

The Émira series is filled with natural colors and takes inspiration from the desert, easy to spot from its design Persia features light Hickory boards in the Character grade class while Sabbia flooring has a smooth dark matte finish. The Authentik series consists of Red Oak flooring but comes in shades from pale brown and grey to black. These boards are wire-brushed to give them an ultra-matte finish.

The Tempo Series provides the most variation from the Ambiance collection as you may choose from Hard Maple or Red Oak. There is also a wider color range to choose from on these smooth planks with 14 colors, which also include natural options like Adiago which is almost white. All flooring from this collection comes with a 30-year guarantee, and most styles are available in solid, engineered, or herringbone form.


3. Lauzon Essential Collection

This is Lauzon’s budget line. Although it has no series, it has over 40 affordable styles to choose from in Hard Maple, Red Oak, and Yellow Birch. The collection has boards that are both engineered and solid but have a different finish and warranty. The boards also lack Lauzon’s Titanium finish but come coated in aluminum oxide and are warranted for 25 years. They have a smooth texture although the sheen varies from style to style.


Grades Of Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

Exclusive– Moderate color variations
– Filled knots, checks and splits
Better and Select– Has a fine smooth uniform surface
– knots, streaks, mineral checks and streaks for a natural look.
-Subtle color variations
Character– Prominent color variations
– Many natural wood characteristics including knots, streaks, splits and mineral streaks
Grades Of Lauzon Hardwood Flooring

Lauzon flooring comes in three grades with Tradition, Character, Select & Better, and Exclusive grades. Each tier tells you how much you can expect from your flooring but it has nothing to do with the manufacturing process.

Character grade flooring is the closest to rustic from Lauzon Flooring. These boards have mineral streaks, splits, and other characteristics like color variation. Blemishes like checks and streaks are not as prevalent in Traditional grade flooring and the Exclusive grade which is a step up. This tier comes with mild variations, knots, and streaking, but they cannot all compare to Character grade flooring. Another alternative is the Select & Better option if you want flooring with a clean, uniform look.

Lauzon Hardwood Floors Pros and Cons

It is in the middle of the pack in terms of variety, but is among the top in terms of quality. There are very few complaints about their hardwood or engineered flooring but the exotic woods section in their catalog is relatively shallow. Their tiered warranty system is solid, but some companies offer better guarantees.

Eco-friendly hardwood boardsThe sizes of lauzon hardwood loards are fixed and dont offer custiom sizes as per buyers needs
They provide an array of collections, finishes and styles to choose fromLauzon hardwood flooring boards are expensive but its something to expect for quality hardwood floors.
Pure genius technology keeps the floor and air fresh and clean
Lauzon Hardwood Floors Pros and Cons

Lauzon Flooring prices

Colour SeriesCollectionTypeSpeciesWidthPrice Per sq.ft
Antique BetulaMemoireEngineeredCherry3 ¼”$8.69 sq.ft
InternationalDesignerSolidBrazilian Cherry3 ¼”$15.16 sq.ft
Line ArtDesignerEngineeredHard Maple3 ¼”$11.30 sq.ft
Emira SabbiaAmbianceEngineeredHickory3 ¼”$10.55 sq.ft
AmarettoAmbianceSolidHard Maple3 ¼”$10.80 sq.ft
Cape CodEssentialsSolidRed Oak3 ¼”$6.99 sq.ft
Lauzon Flooring prices
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