Plastic Water Tank Prices In Kenya

The price of plastic water tanks in Kenya is 4,500 shillings for 500 liters tank to 260,000 shillings for 25,000 liters tanks. The price of water tanks in Kenya varies depending on the supplier, your location, and the capacity of liters.

Here we have prepared a list of water tanks in Kenya and their prices. You can order plastic water tanks here on Estate-Ke today. Nowadays, few Kenyans use metal or concrete tanks. Plastic tanks have taken over, so we shall concentrate on plastic tank costs and the best brands today.

Water Tanks For Sale In Kenya

Latest Roto Tank Price List

1,000 Litres8,500 shillings
1,500 Litres13,500 shillings
2,000 Litres17,000 shillings
2,500 Litres21,500 shillings
3,000 Litres24,500 shillings
4,000 Litres36,500 shillings
5,000 Litres45,500 shillings
6,000 Litres55,000 shillings
8,000 Litres73,000 shillings
10,000 Litres93,500 shillings
24,000 Litres260,000 shillings
roto tank price list

Latest Kentank Price List

Kentank CapacityKentank PriceImage
500 Litres4,500 shillings500-litres-kentank
1,000 Litres7,500 shillings1000-litres-kentank
1,500 Litres10,500 shillings1500-litres-kentank
2,000 Litres12,500 shillings2000-litres-kentank
2,500 Litres17,000 shillings 
3,000 Litres19,000 shillings3000-litres-kentank
4,000 Litres28,000 shillings4000-litres-kentank
5,000 Litres33,000 shillings 
6,000 Litres40,000 shillings 
8,000 Litres57,000 shillings8000-litres-kentank
10,000 Litres65,000 shillings 
16,000 Litres140,000 shillings 
24,000 Litres240,000 shillings24000-litres-kentank
Kentank price list

Kentank price list pdf download

Best plastic water tanks in Kenya

1. Kentank


2. Jumbo Tanks

Jumbo Tanks

3. Vectus Tanks

Vectus Tanks

4. Royal Tanks

5. Techno Tanks

Techno Tanks

6. Top Tank

Top Tanks

Top Tank is a plastic tank brand in Kenya that manufactures quality, eco-friendly plastic tanks. Below are some outstanding features of the top tank.

7. Roto Tanks


8. Jojo Tank

Jojo Tank


What is the cost of a 2000 Litres water tank?

The cost of a 2,000 liters water tank in Kenya is 12,000 shillings on average.

How much is a tank of 1000 Litres?

A tank of 1,000 liters in Kenya costs 7,000 shillings on average.

How much does a 10000-liter water tank cost?

A 10,000 liters plastic water tank costs an average of 65,000 shillings

What is the cost of a 4000-liter water tank?

The price of a 4,000 liters tank is 28,000 shillings on average.