Price Of Steel Fabricated Metal Gates In Kenya

On average, the price of steel fabricated metal gates in Kenya is Sh.50,000-Sh.500,000. The cost of metal gates varies depending on the gate design. We will show you these gate designs and how much they cost. Steel-fabricated metal gates are fully equipped with locks and all materials needed for installation. A gate can be customized according to your liking, or buy ready-made gates. All you have to do is install the gate. We will also show you the cost of installing steel fabricated metal gates in Kenya.

The size of gates in Kenya is 2-5 meters wide on average. The cost of steel-fabricated metal gates will depend on the size of your gate. The cheapest type of gate costs Sh.50,000-Sh.60,000 on average. We have prepared a table with all the sizes and their prizes. Aside from size, we have all the factors determining the final cost of a steel-fabricated metal gate. Let us get into it.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Steel Fabricated Metal Gates

1. Gate size

The height of a gate determines how much it will cost in the market. The taller the gate, the more it will cost. Taller gates provide better security and require more material and labor. The price of short steel gates is Sh.50,000-Sh.80,000 on average in Kenya. The cost of tall gates is Sh.80,000-Sh.150,000 on average. The size of a gate in terms of weight also determines the cost of the gate. The cost of a heavy-duty gate is Sh.200,000-Sh.400,000 on average. A heavy-duty gate is hard to be broken into. It is usually used in industries and high-value businesses.

Steel Gate Prices In Kenya Per Size

Gate Size (width)Prices
2 metersSh.50,000-Sh.60,000
3 metersSh.75,000-Sh.200,000
4 metersSh.90,000-Sh.250,000
5 metersSh.200,000-Sh.500,000
Gate Sizes & Prices In Kenya

2. Gate design

Steel gates come in various designs. The mode of opening the gate determines gate designs. Below are the three main gate designs and how much they cost.

a. Sliding steel gate design price


The price of a steel sliding gate is Sh.100,000-Sh.500,000 in kenya on average. Sliding gates use wheels on the bottom and rollers on the top to open easily. The cost of a sliding gate depends on the following factors:

b. Swing steel gate design price


The price of swing steel gates in Kenya is Sh.55,000-Sh.200,000 on average. A good quality swing gate in terms of steel quality, good coating, and large will cost relatively high. Swing gates are the conventional gates used by the majority of Kenyans. They can either open manually or automatically. The cost of automatic swing gates is Sh.75,000-Sh.200,000 on average. Automatic swing gates use motors to close themselves once opened using a remote.

c. Mini-steel gate design price


The cost of a steel mini-gate is Sh.18,000-Sh.25,000 on average. Mini-gates emulate the make-up of a conventional door, but it is fabricated using the same materials as any other gates. It is used in tiny houses with an entire wall fence. The gate is installed on one point of the wall. Though small, a mini gate is secure.

3. Steel Material For Fabricated Metal Gates

The cost of steel-fabricated metal gates depends on the steel material used to make the gate. We have listed the three steel materials used to make fabricated metal gates, from the least expensive to the most expensive steel material.

a. Carbon steel gates


Carbon steel gates are the most affordable steel fabricated metal gates. They are as strong as any other type of steel. However, carbon steel material is prone to corrosion. Carbon steel material is not purely steel. It contains a percentage of Carbon and other alloy elements. High Carbon steel contains the most carbon, medium carbon steel contains few carbons, and low carbon steel contains meager carbon. Due to these impurities, they have a brief life span.

b. Galvanized steel gates


Galvanized steel gates are priced a bit higher compared to carbon steel gates. Galvanized steel materials are coated with zinc to protect the material from rust. This is what adds value to galvanized steel gates. Galvanized steel gates, however, are not the most valuable gates. Although galvanized steel is resistant to red rust, it is affected by white rust over time. This gate is still strong, and the coating can be redone when it wears off.

c. Stainless steel gates


Stainless steel gates are the most valuable type of steel gate. They are the most expensive type of gate. Stainless steel gates are, therefore, the most expensive type of gate. Stainless steel is way more robust than the other steel materials used to make gates. Due to its strength, it is durable and hence can last for many years if well-maintained. The best quality of stainless steel gates is that they are entirely corrosion-resistant. The most significant disadvantage of stainless steel is that it can be easily scratched.

4. Gate Finishing

The cost of a painted gate is relatively high. The cost of hiring a painter is Sh.400-Sh.1,000 on average without the cost of the paints. The paint quality on your gate will determine how long it will last. Oil paints protect steel from corrosion, while water paints only make the gate look prettier. You will be charged highly when you buy a steel fabricated metal gate painted with oil paint. If your gate has added patterns, these charges will be added to your final cost.

Cost Of Installing Steel Fabricated Metal Gates In Kenya

1. Transportation cost

First, you must transport the gate from the supplier to your home. The cost of hiring a truck in Kenya is Sh.30,000-Sh.100,000 on average. The cost of transporting any steel fabricated metal gate is expensive. Due to its heavy nature, you must hire a truck to transport your gate. Heavy-duty gates will cost you relatively high to transport. The width and size will also determine the means of transport you will use. A 4-meter wide gate will need a huge truck to be transported. Once the gate reaches its destination, the next step is to install your gate.

2. Cost of hiring labor

To install your gate, you need to hire professional labor to do this for you. The cost of hiring labor to install your gate is Sh.20,000-Sh.150,000 on average. The size of your gate hugely determines how much you pay. If your gate is large, you will be charged more because it is more difficult to erect a heavy structure. A large gate will also need a solid structure to stabilize the gate. Another thing is the type of gate. Installing automatic gates is more expensive compared to manual gates. Sliding gates also cost more to set up in comparison to swing gates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are steel-fabricated metal gates expensive?

They are relatively expensive, but this depends on the gate size. The cost of a 2-meter-wide gate is Sh.50,000-Sh.60,000 on average. On the other hand, a 5-meter wide gate costs Sh.200,000-Sh.500,000 on average. Another factor is the steel material used to make a gate. The cost of stainless-steel gates is relatively high compared to carbon and galvanized steel gates.

What is the cheapest type of gate?

Swing gates. This is the conventional gate used by the majority of Kenyans. Compared to sliding gates, it does not use complicated mechanisms, making it more affordable. Its simplicity of design makes it easy to build.

Which gate costs more, iron or steel?

Steel gates are more expensive compared to iron gates. Steel material has a higher value compared to iron material. Iron is highly susceptible to corrosion when exposed to water, keeping iron gates at a low price. Steel gates, on the other hand, are resistant to corrosion on a high level. Stainless steel gates are entirely corrosion-resistant, increasing their value in the market.

How much does it cost to install a gate in Kenya?

Sh.50,000-Sh.250,000 on average. This includes the cost of labor, which is Sh.20,000-Sh.150,000 on average. It also includes the cost of transporting the gate from the supplier to its installed location. The cost of hiring a truck is Sh.30,000-Sh.100,000 on average.

Which steel material is best for metal gates?

Stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. This material is also durable and has a long life span if well-maintained. However, a stainless steel gate is more expensive than carbon steel gates and galvanized steel gates. Its unique features raise are the reason for its raised value.

How much does it cost to buy a gate?

One gate costs Sh.50,000-Sh.500,000 on average. The design of a gate determines how much it will cost. Sliding gates cost more compared to swing gates. On the other hand, automated cost more compared to manual gates. Lastly, size is a determining factor. A large-sized gate is more expensive than a small-sized gate in dimensions and density.

How much is charged to build a gate?

Sh.20,000-Sh.250,000 on average. This will depend on the type of gate being built. Building sliding gates is relatively expensive due to the added mechanics. Swing gates are built at relatively low prices due to their simple design. Apart from the type of gate, the size of the gate in terms of width, height, and density determines the building costs. A large gate costs more to build compared to a small gate.