Top Selling Hardware Items In Kenya

Hardware products sell faster when the hardware store is located strategically where the target market is. Apart from the target market, there are other considerations to have hardware products fly off the shelf, including selecting the right products. This post will focus on top-selling hardware items in Kenya.

Getting more customers is not easy, but there are ways you can intentionally draw customers to your hardware store. This requires you to be hands-on in starting a hardware business in Kenya. For those with established hardware businesses, you can still tweak one or two things to sell your hardware products, as we will show you.

Top Selling Hardware Items To Stock In Kenya

1. Building Materials & Equipment

Building materials are the most profitable hardware products in Kenya. Kenya is a developing country. Therefore, there are a lot of building projects all year throughout the whole country, but mainly in the urban centers. Building materials are bound to sell fast anywhere in Kenya with the right business strategy. The following types of building products are fast-going in the hardware business in Kenya:

  1. Cement.
  2. Iron-roofing sheets.
  3. Nails.
  4. Doors.
  5. Windows.
  6. Paint.
  7. Tiles.
  8. Locks.

A hardware store with building equipment and materials will sell faster than one with only building materials. A customer in need of building materials most likely needs building equipment. For instance, to use nails, you need a harmer, and to use cement, you need a shovel. When customers notice that both options are available, they must buy at this one-stop hardware store.

2. Electrical Appliances

At the moment, most parts of Kenya have access to electricity. The process is still ongoing. Therefore, there is a high demand for essential electrical appliances in Kenya. The fastest-going electrical appliances in a hardware business in Kenya are:

  1. Light bulbs.
  2. Phones.
  3. Televisions.
  4. Phone chargers.
  5. Extension chords.

3. Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen hardware is always in high demand in Kenya. Boarding students, for example, buy plates, cups, and spoons after every holiday. Households in Kenya also change their kitchen products after a certain period. For kitchen hardware to sell fast, you must establish your products’ target market. Families in Kenya prefer glass kitchen hardware, for example, while school kids go for ceramic or metallic plates. The following are the fastest-going kitchen hardware in Kenya:

  1. Spoons.
  2. Plates.
  3. Cups.
  4. Sufurias.
  5. Serving dishes.
  6. Jikos.
  7. Gas cylinders.

4. Farming Equipment

Farming hardware sells very fast in Kenyan rural areas where farming is the main source of income for the habitants, for instance, Trans Nzoia County and Murang’a County, among others. The small and simple-to-use farming hardware often sells faster than other farming hardware. The following are the fastest-selling farming hardware products in Kenya:

  1. Hoes.
  2. Prefabricated chicken houses.
  3. Tractor plows.
  4. Irrigation equipment, for instance, sprinklers.

5. Spare Parts

Selling the spare parts for the most commonly used hardware products is also a sure way to get fast sales. Many Kenyans prefer to repair broken hardware products instead of buying new ones to save money. The rate at which hardware products are damaged is the insurance for fast sales when selling spare parts. The following are the fastest-selling spare parts in Kenya:

  1. Smartphone screens.
  2. Laptop spare parts.
  3. Vehicle spare parts.
  4. TV screen spare parts.
  5. Gas cylinder burners.
  6. Farming equipment spare parts.
  7. Kitchen electrical appliances spare parts, for instance, refrigerator spare parts

Top Selling Hardware Products Online In Kenya

For hardware products to sell online, you must list hardware products necessary for day-to-day life and not very expensive. Kenyans buy expensive hardware products physically to assess the condition of the product, not to waste a large sum of money. Small hardware products will go fast on online platforms. The following are the fastest-going hardware products to sell online in Kenya:

  1. Kitchen Hardware: Serving dishes, glassware, and serving spoons, among others.
  2. Electrical Appliances: Iron boxes, blenders, Bluetooth speakers, and phone chargers.
  3. Building Materials & Equipment: Nails, screwdrivers, hammers, drillers, and spanners.
  4. Farming equipment: Hoes.
  5. Hardware products spare parts: Laptop spare parts, TV spare parts, and phone spare parts.


How do you establish a simple hardware business in Kenya?

Follow the following steps to establish a simple hardware store:
1. Make a budget plan for how much you can afford.
2. Specialize in one line of hardware products in high demand around the area you intend to set up shop.
3. Rent a shop.
4. Get a legal permit from the authorities.
5. Open your hardware business.

What can I sell in my hardware in kenya?

There are a lot of hardware products to sell, depending on the location of a hardware business. The following are the most profitable hardware products in Kenya:
1. Building materials and equipment.
2. Farming equipment.
3. Hardware spare parts.
4. Kitchenware.
5. Electrical appliances.

What is the minor capital to begin a small hardware business in Kenya?

Ksh250,000-Ksh500,000 in the rural areas and small towns and Ksh500,000 plus in the urban centers and cities. The capital to start a hardware business in Kenya varies depending on the location and the choice of hardware product a hardware business specializes in.

What are the most fun products to sell?

Products that you understand how they work. This will be fun because you will get a lot of customers by explaining the pros and cons naturally without having to study. A fun product generates profits without extreme effort.

Is a hardware business profitable in kenya?

Yes, as long as you do the following:
1. Research thoroughly on the field.
2. Gather the necessary capital.
3. Identify that the hardware product you choose is in high demand.
4. Get a reliable supplier for your hardware products.
5. Do not use the profit from the business for personal use.