Price Of Steel Windows In Kenya

The price of steel windows in Kenya is 5,000 to 50,000 shillings or more on average. Metal window prices vary depending on the size, design, and type. Jua Kali steel windows prices are lower, usually 5,000 to 35,0000 shillings, while imported windows cost 50,000 shillings or more. Below is a breakdown of window prices in Kenya.

In Kenya, you can buy ready-made metal windows or make them on the construction site. Buying materials like steel or iron metal and hiring specialists to fabricate metal windows on-site makes it cheaper and more convenient than buying ready-made windows.

Also, Buying jua Kali steel Windows reduces the price compared to imported Steel Windows. As long as you get an excellent jua Kali windows supplier with quality window fabricating skills, there is no difference from imported windows.

Steel Windows For Sale In Kenya

Steel Window Designs In Kenya

There is an endless list of steel Windows designs fabricated in Kenya. Generally, when choosing a good steel window design, you should check the following.

  1. Quality – The quality of steel Windows determines how strong and long-lasting they shall be on your house. Quality steel metal should be fabricated well to avoid any weaknesses. The hinges and locks should also be well-fixed to ensure security.
  2. Window frame – A good steel window design should include a custom-made frame to fit the window precisely. This avoids poor fitting windows during installation and reduces the materials and time.
  3. Security features – The ideal steel window design should also focus on securing the window. For instance, a window with a grill is secure compared to one without.
  4. Sync with the design of the house – Choose a window design that matches your house’s design or the building’s size and look.

Frequent Questions & Answers About Steel Windows Prices & Designs In Kenya

How much does it cost to install steel Windows?

The Cost of installing a single steel window in Kenya is 1,500 on average. However, the cost might be higher or lower depending on factors like the kind of installation, whether it is a fresh installation or a replacement, and many other factors. Usually, fresh window installation is included in the total cost of constructing the house agreed upon by your contractor.

What is the best material for metal windows?

Metal windows are usually made of steel, alloys, and aluminium. The best material depends on your needs; Stella windows are stronger and long-lasting.

Where can I buy steel Windows near me in Kenya?

You can buy steel Windows near you in Kenya online here at Estate-Ke. You need to browse the list of steel window sellers near your location and select the best supplier.

How to Make a modern window design in Kenya