Which is the largest bridge in the US?

The united states are well known for its high-end technology and infrastructure. For a long time now, there has been an increase in the rate of development, which brings along changes in the overall infrastructure. Besides buildings, bridges are, among other things, that mark infrastructure. This post will cover the largest bridges in the united states. To determine the largest, we consider the following factors.

The general height from the ground to the top is very important when considering the height of the bridges to find out which one among them is the largest. The height is measured from the ground or the water to the bridge’s highest point. This would make one higher than the other regarding the vertical height.

Apart from the height from the ground to the top, the distance between the bridge deck and the water surface is also essential. Some might have an equal length on other factors, but this would give us the difference. The accurate distance between the deck and the water would be from the highest water point to the lowest point of the bridge deck.

How broad a bridge is also matters a lot. This is what can also be used to determine the largest bridge. The width would mean the space between the two frames that can be used by pedestrians or vehicles. It’s a significant factor that is used.

The capacity of a bridge will help decide if one is larger than the other. The capacity would mean what it can accommodate normally and how much weight it can hold without collapsing. It is another major factor to consider.

Which is the largest Bridge In The United States?

Based on an average of its capacity, length, width, and height, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the largest bridge in the united states. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is the largest in height but ranks lower in capacity, length, and width. The Driscoll Bridge is the largest in width and capacity but has less length and height. Below is a tabled comparative summary of the qualities of the largest bridges in the united states.

Longest BridgeHighest BridgeBridge With the Highest CapacityWidest Bridge
NameLake Pontchartrain CausewayRoyal Gorge Bridge & ParkDriscoll BridgeDriscoll Bridge
Capacity4-lane road scale
70,000 – 90,000 pound truck limit
40,000 pounds single vehicle limit
1 lane
910 tonnes total load capacity
15 lanes15 lanes
Length23.87 miles0.24 miles0.8 miles0.8 miles
Height25 feet highest point955 feet high0.8 miles0.8 miles
Width66 feet total width
33 feet for each lane
82 feet of space between the lanes
18 feet150 feet15 lanes each 10 feet wide
150 feet total width
Comparison Of The Largest Bridges In The Us

Which is the longest bridge in the united states?

With a length of 23.87 miles, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest bridge in the united states and the second largest in the world after Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – The longest bridge in the united states

Which is the highest Bridge in the united states?

Among the many massive bridges we have in the united states, one was selected as the highest based on the factors we cited above and many others that we did not mention. The Royal Gorge Bridge across the Arkansas River is currently the highest in the United States. This bridge is 955 feet tall, which is around 291.1 m of height. 

The Royal Gorge Bridge is found in the Colorado State of the United States. Its construction was completed in 1929, and it has since held the record for being the largest bridge in the united states. Many bridges have been built since then but do not seem to catch its height. However, with time, it might be surpassed and cease to be the highest.

Which is the widest bridge in the united states?

The widest bridge in the united states is the Driscoll Bridge in Middlesex County of New Jersey, United States, with a width of 150 feet and 15 lanes.