What Is A Land Sale Agreement In Kenya?

A land sale agreement is a document that binds the seller and buyer of land to their agreed contract terms. The document outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon between the two parties. When selling or buying land in Kenya, the seller and buyer must legally sign a land sale agreement. In this post, we shall guide you in writing the contents of a land sale agreement. We have also provided ready land sale agreement form templates that you can download in both document and pdf format.

What are the contents of a land sale agreement in Kenya

Who should process the land sale agreement in Kenya?

The seller and buyer must sign a land sale agreement in Kenya. Both parties should agree on sharing the costs of signing the land sale contract at an advocate’s office. Either party can process the land agreement form but must agree on terms set out in the contract and consent by signing in the presence of an attorney and witnesses.

What is the importance of signing a land sale agreement?

  1. Secure your agreement terms to avoid breach of land agreement terms.
  2. In case of a breach of your agreed land agreement terms, the contract shall be evidence of the agreement and used by either party as evidence.
  3. Signing a land sale agreement prevents either party from being conned or shortchanged.

How Much Do Advocates Charge For A Land Sale Agreement In Kenya?

A land sale agreement can be written and signed without a lawyer; however, it is important to have a lawyer. The law society of Kenya directs lawyers in Kenya to charge 8,000 shillings for agreements on property worth 1 million and above and 3,000 shillings for properties below 1 million shillings.

Land Sale Agreement Form In Kenya – Free P.D.F & Document Download

Download the Kenya land sale agreement form document.