Chula French White Door
Chula French White Door
Chula French White Door
Chula French White Door
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Unique Chula Steel doors now available in Kenyan Market

The construction craze is in top gear in Kenya. Home ownership is everyone’s dream.  Not only is the process of building a home is tedious but also costly. Sourcing for some materials like steel doors can prove to be a daunting task. Thankfully, Chula steel doors save the day.

Find the latest exterior double doors, interior single doors, exterior single doors and interior double doors. These steel doors are of high-quality materials and superior workmanship at lower costs compared to juakali metal doors. For aesthetic appeal, check out the most unique Chula Steel doors.

Add a Unique Door experience to your home by settling on the highest quality doors at competitive prices. Chula will save the hustle and constant excuses from the local Juakali Artisan.

Why You Should Choose a Steel Door

Neutralize threats from break-ins by settling on metal material for entrance. The door is strong, long-lasting, and dependable. Eliminate the risk of vandalism by settling on these awesome doors. The best steel doors guarantee longevity, security and aesthetic appeal without compromising performance.

Buy Steel Doors from Chula Doors

For premium-quality steel made doors, Chula will come through. These doors resist corrosion, warping and cracking. If security is a concern, worry less. These doors provide an impenetrable barrier against intruders. Additionally, enjoy advanced security features on the doors that will offer guaranteed security to your home. The doors also have fire-resistant properties.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Steel Door

When choosing the ideal steel or metal door, check out the following factors;


Doors made from steel are robust and resistant to forced entry. Some doors have enhanced features such as advanced locking mechanisms bolstering security. Inasmuch as there are cheap options for doors, steel doors are a necessity.

2. Price

Compared to alternatives, steel doors may seem more expensive but their longevity and durability justifies the investment. Chula doors are available in different sizes at pocket-friendly prices.

3. Maintenance requirements

These doors have minimal maintenance requirements. They effectively resist warping, rotting, and deterioration, requiring only occasional cleaning and inspections for signs of wear or damage.


  • Warp Resistant
  • Material - Steel
  • Fire resistant
  • Secure


Pacific Mall, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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