Roofing Sheets Prices In South Africa

The price of roofing sheets in South Africa is R110 to R750 per square meter on average. The price of roofing sheets in South Africa varies depending on the type, gauge, and size, as the table below shows. Before buying roofing sheets, go through this guide to learn the best roofing materials, the cost of roofing in South Africa, and how to reduce roof expenses cheaply.

We shall also guide you in calculating the number of roofing sheets you need to roof your house in South Africa. Later we shall give details on the best roofing sheets suppliers in South Africa and their prices. Start with the summary price list below. Remember, you can also calculate the cost of building your house in south Africa here.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of installing solar panels on your roof in south africa.


Types And Prices Of Roofing Sheets In South Africa

IndexRoofing Shhet TypePriceImage
1corrugated roofing sheets3M – R489.95 per sheet
3.6M – R177.95 per sheet
4M – R489.95 per sheet
4.2M – R207.95 per sheet
4.8M – R237.95 per sheet
6M – R352.95 per sheet
6.6M – R387.95 per sheet
2zinc roofing sheetsR125.00 Per Metrezinc-roofing-sheets-price-south-africa
3Asphalt shingleR280 Per meter squareAsphalt-shingle-sheets-price-south-africa
4Metal Roofing sheetsR110 to R190 per meterMetal-roofing-sheets-prices-in-south-africa
5chromadek roofing sheetsR496,80 – R993,60 Per Sheetchromadek-roofing-sheets-prices-south-africa
7Widespan Roof
R372,00 – R744,00 Per sheetWidespan-roofing-sheets-prices-south-africa
Roof Sheeting
R370,50 – R741,00 Per SheetPolycarbonate-roofing-sheets-prices-south-africa
9Roofing GuttersGutters -R239.95 on average
Offset projection – R114.95
Corner R110.95
Square outlet R107.95
10Aluzink Roofing sheetsR120 to R130 per metreAluzink-roofing-sheets-prices-south-africa
10Roofing sheets cranking and bull nosingR120 to R130 per metercranking-and-bulnosing
Roofing Sheets Prices In South Africa

3. IBR Roofing Sheets Price List

3M IBR Roofing SheetsR 137.00 per meter
3.6M IBR Roofing SheetsR 360.01 per sheet
4M IBR Roofing SheetsR 204.00 per meter
4.2M IBR Roofing SheetsR 420.00 per sheet
5M IBR Roofing SheetsR 204.00 per metre
4.8M IBR Roofing SheetsR412.00 per sheet
R 100.00 per meterR521.00 per sheet
IBR Roofing Sheets Price List

Roofing Sheets Suppliers And Prices In South Africa

Are you looking for iron sheets for sale in South Africa? Below we compiled a list of South African iron sheet suppliers and their prices. For tile prices, see here.

1. Cashbuild Roofing Sheets Price List

SizeRoofing SheetPrice
6.0mCashbuild Galvanized Corrugated Profile Roof SheetR352.95
6.6mGalvanized Corrugated Profile Roof SheetR387.95
4.8mGalvanized Corrugated Profile Roof SheetingR237.95
3.6mGalvanized Corrugated Profile Roof SheetR177.95
4.2mGalvanized Corrugated Profile Roof SheetR207.95
3600x400x04mmRidge Rolltop GalvanisedR292.95
Cashbuild Roofing Sheets Price List

2. Build it Roofing Sheets Price List

Roofing SheetSizePrice
Nutec Big Six Roofing Sheet3600mmZAR 1,100
Nutec Big Six Roofing Sheet3000mmZAR 800
Corrugated Iron Zinc0.47mm x 2500mmZAR 500
Corrugated Iron Zinc0.47mm x 3600mmZAR 730
Build it Roofing Sheets Price List

Cost Of Roofing In South Africa


Roofing in South Africa costs R600 on average. The cheapest roofing design in South Africa is a concrete roof which costs R600 per square meter while the cheapest roofing material is metal roofing sheets which costs R700 per square meter. The charges of a roofer are R40 to R80 per square meter depending on the type and design of the house and roof. That said, roofing prices vary a lot given the fact that every roof is unique. Below is a tabled breakdown of roofing costs.

Roofing TypeRoofing Cost
Concrete RoofingR600 per square metre
Metal RoofingR700 per square meter
Terracotta roofingR1200 per square meter
Slate roofingR600 per square meter
Cost of a rooferR40 – R80 per square meter
Cost Of Roofing In South Africa
How To Install IBR Galvanised & Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Sheets Prices In South Africa

Which roof sheet is the best in South Africa?

Metal roof sheets are the best in South Africa considering their price, easy installation, and long-lasting capabilities.

What are the types of metal roofing sheets in South Africa?

Corrugated roofing sheets are the cheapest metal roofing material in South Africa.

What is the cheapest metal roof?

The cheapest metal roof is a corrugated roofing sheet metal roof.

Which is the strongest roofing sheet?

Is a flat roof cheaper in South Africa?

A flat roof is cheaper compared to other roof designs since it takes fewer roofing sheets to complete.

Which type of roof is more economical?

A flat roof is more economical since it costs less to finish in terms of roofing materials and professional labor costs.

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