How Much Do Floor Tiles Cost In South Africa?

The price of floor tiles in South Africa is R.75-R.1,500 per square meter on average. Tile prices in South Africa depend on the quality and type of the tile. For instance, ceramic floor tiles cost R75 to R250 per square, while granite tiles cost R1,000 to R1,500 per square meter, as you shall see in the price list later.

You know a tile’s quality by looking at the quality of the tile’s raw material, as we will show you. There are different sizes of tiles. The larger the tile in square millimetres, the more expensive. We have made a table of the prices of different sizes of tiles.

The quality of a tile determines its price. We will show the features that a suitable tile has, like resistance to wear, among others. Each type of tile has its unique advantage. Some tiles are affordability while others are beautiful, as we will show you.

A type of tile that can last for a long is affordable and looks beautiful is what many go for. Every type of tile is helpful in its way. Below are the types of tiles in South Africa and their prices. We also touch on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the tiles. Find out how much it shall cost you to build a house in south africa.

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Floor Tiles Price List In South Africa

Type Of TilePrice
Ceramic tilesR.75-R.250 per sqm
Granite tilesR.1,000-R.1,500 per sqm
Concrete tilesR.100-R.500 per tile
Glass tilesR.135-R.200 per sqm
Porcelain tilesR.100-R.500 per sqm
Size 100 by 100R.75-R.1,500 per tile
Size 200 by 200R.300-R.6,000 per tile
Size 300 by 300R.700-R.14,000 per tile
Size 400 by 400R.1,200-R.24,000 per tile
Size 500 by 500R.1900-R.38,000 per tile
Types Of Tiles And Price In South Africa

What is the cost of installing tiles in South Africa?

The average cost of installing floor tiles in South Africa is R200 to R500, depending on the type of floor tiles installed and the installation’s nature. The cost of replacing floor tiles shall be higher due to the extra work required to remove the worn-out tiles before installing new ones.


The price quoted above does not include the price of the tiles to be installed. To get the cost of buying and installing floor tiles, add the cost of tiles per square meter to the price of installation per square meter. For instance, buying and installing ceramic floor tiles in South Africa shall cost R200 for installation and R250 for buying ceramic tiles; the total cost shall therefore be R450.

Types Of Tiles And Price In South Africa

Different tiles depend on the material used to forge it like marble tiles are made from it. Each type of tile has its strength and weaknesses, as we will show you. Some tiles are stronger, but they are still other tiles that are not that strong but are very beautiful. The tile material determines all these. Below are different types of tiles, their unique features, and their prices

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1. Ceramic floor tiles price in South Africa

The price of ceramic tiles in South Africa is R.75-R.170 per square meter. Ceramic tiles are waterproof and can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.


It can be used in any building room with no chemicals. In addition to that, ceramic tiles are affordable compared to other types of tiles. Although ceramic tiles have many uses, they are still unsuitable for laboratories or rooms dealing with corrosive chemicals.

2. Price of Granite floor tiles In South Africa

The price of Granite tiles in South Africa is R.1,000-R.1,500 per square meter. Granite materials are solid. Therefore, these tiles are long-lasting and can withstand most impacts.


In South Africa, any types of tiles made from granite come at different prices. Granite tiles are used for decorative purposes because of their radiant appearance. Anyone would want to have granite tiles, but it is too expensive for many South Africans.

3. Concrete floor tiles price in south africa

The price of concrete tiles in South Africa is R.10-R.60 for a single tile. Concrete tiles come in different sizes and designs, resulting in different prices. Concrete tiles are used for roofing.


They are long-lasting and cancel out noise from rain, unlike iron sheet roofing. Roof tiles are difficult to install, and this causes more significant problems in the future as a result. In addition, they are costly because a good number of roof tiles are needed to complete the roofing of one house.

4. Price Of Glass floor tiles In South Africa

The price of glass tiles in South Africa is R.135-R.200 per square meter. Glass tiles are made from tiny Cullet glass stuck together by heating in moulds of preferred sizes.


Tiles made from glass surprisingly last for a long time without heavy impacts. Changes in weather conditions do not affect glass tiles. The one demerit of glass tiles is that they crack when improperly maintained or installed.

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5. Porcelain floor tiles price in south africa

The price of porcelain tile in South Africa is R.100-R.500 per square meter. There are still different types of porcelain tiles. The price of polished porcelain tiles in South Africa is R.350-R-500 per square meter. The high price is because polished porcelain tile is more substantial than other porcelain tiles.


The truth is we all consider beauty when selecting tiles. Polished porcelain tiles are stunning too. The downside to porcelain tiles is their high prices compared to other tiles. They also wear away if not installed correctly around the edges.

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Frequent Questions About Tiles In South Africa

What is the price of the cheapest tiles in South Africa?

R.75-R.170 per square meter. This is the ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are the tiles used in most South African households because of how affordable it is. Its low price should not deceive you. Ceramic tiles are water-resistant and look as good as any other type of tile. They are, however, not strong against chemicals like bleach.

What is the price of 2 by 2 tiles in South Africa?

R.300-R.6,000. The price of a 2 by 2 cm tile varies depending on the quality of the tile. Ceramic 2 by 2 tiles are the cheapest option, while Granite tiles are the most expensive option. The other 3 types of tiles to pick from are of moderate prices. When shopping for tiles, you can choose the one that suits you best according to your budget.

How many tiles fit in a 60 by 60 box?

Four 300 by 300 tiles. The tiles’ size determines how many will fit in a 3,600cm box. The larger the size of the tile, the less the number of tiles that will fill the box. Therefore large tiles are packed in one box.