Cost Of Fencing In Kenya?

The cost of fencing in Kenya is Sh.500-Sh.15,000 per linear meter. It shall therefore cots you Sh.450,000-Sh.400,000,000 to fence land in Kenya depending on the size of the land. Fencing a 100 by-100 plot in Kenya costs Sh.400,000-Sh.600,000. In this post we are going to show you different sizes of land and their fencing costs. All fences are connected with posts. We will show you how different types of fencing posts are used later.

The cost of fencing is affected by the materials fencing used. Apart from the fence and fencing posts, you will need these materials to erect your fence. The cost of fencing materials varies with the type of fencing you use. The size of the land also determines the cost of materials. We will also take you through all the materials needed to set up a fence.

There are different types of fencing with different costs. Types of fencing are differentiated by the material used to make the fence. Different types of fencing are used for different purposes. Some types are used for security, e.g. electric fencing, and others are used for privacy, e.g. plant fencing. Let us dive in and learn more about the cost of different types of fencing.

Cost Of Fencing Per Size Of Land In Kenya

Size Of Land (Acre)Cost Of Fencing
50 by 100 plot450,000 shillings
1 acre500,000 shillings – 800,000 shillings
5 acres2,500,000 shillings – 4,000,000 shillings
10 acres5,000,000 shillings – 8,000,000 shillings
50 acres25,000,000 shillings – 40,000,000 shillings
100 acres50,000,000 shillings – 80,000,000 shillings
500 acres250,000,000 – 400,000,000 shillings
Cost Of Fencing Per Size Of Land In Kenya

Types Of Fences In Kenya And Their Cost

1. Block Fencing Cost In Kenya


The cost of block fencing in Kenya is Sh.6,000-Sh.20,000 per linear meter on average. On average, the cost of one block in Kenya is Sh.10-Sh.15 per block. To build a perimeter with blocks, you will need several blocks to get it to your preferred height. A block fence uses cement to attach the blocks. The cost of cement is Sh.500-Sh.700 per 50 kg bag. Block fencing is used to build a perimeter around the house, in most urban centres, for privacy.

2. Cost Of Barbed-Wire Fencing In Kenya


The cost of a roll of barbed wire in Kenya is Sh.3,500-Sh.7,000 per 500 meters. Barbed wire has different qualities; the best qualities have high costs. The cost of fencing using barbed wire depends on the size of the land. To fence a 500-meter perimeter, you need five rolls of 500-meter barbed wires. A barbed-wire fence is connected to a post every 10-20 meters. The posts tighten the grip of the fence. The cost of posts will affect the final cost of fencing. We will show you all these posts and how much they cost. Barbed-wire fencing is used to fence plantation farms in most cases.

3. Cost Of Chain-Link Fencing In Kenya


A 6-foot high chain link costs Sh.2,700-Sh.3,000 per 18 meters in Kenya. A chain-link fence is easier to install compared to barbed wire fencing. The cost of fencing using a chain link will be determined by the size of your land and the type of posts you will use to connect your fence. Chain-link fencing mostly goes well with metal and concrete posts. This type of fencing is used primarily on farms to keep livestock from leaving the perimeter.

4. Cost Of Electric Fencing In Kenya


The average cost of electric fencing in Kenya is 1,500 shillings to 2,500 shillings per linear meter on average. An electrical fence uses two types of wires: razor wires and JVA Poliwire. The cost of razor wires is Sh.1,000-Sh1,200 per meter on average. A razor wire is installed on top of block-wall fencing. The cost of JVA Poliwire is Sh.1,250-Sh.1,300 per 100 meters on average. They come in the form of a wire mesh. Before installing an electric fence, it is essential to make a budget for the cost of electricity bills. An electric fence mainly protects households and residents around national parks.

5. Cost Of Wood Fencing In Kenya


The cost of wood in Kenya is Sh.25-Sh.30 per foot with a 5-inch diameter on average. Wood fencing can be built in different styles depending on the fence’s purpose. The cost of nails has to be included in the budget for wood fencing. Nails and wood are the primary materials needed to build a wood fence. Painting your fence with oil paints is essential to prevent termites from consuming your fence. Wood fencing is used primarily in rural areas to cover the perimeter of small homes, creating privacy.

6. Reject Mabati Fencing Cost In Kenya


On average, the iron sheet (Mabati) cost in Kenya is Sh.500-Sh.15,000 per piece. This depends on the size of the iron sheet you intend to buy and its level of thickness. Installing iron sheet fencing requires posts and nails included in the budget. Iron sheet fencing is not used as a permanent resort. Iron sheets usually create a temporary perimeter around an ongoing construction.

7. Plantation Fencing (k-apple) Cost In Kenya


This is a common type of fencing used in rural areas. The cost of using plants to face depends on the type of plant you intend to fence with. The most common types of plants used for fencing are Cypress and Kayapa. The cost of Cypress seedlings is Sh.150-Sh.1,000 per seedling on average. The cost of Kayapa seedlings is Sh.100-Sh.150 per seedling on average. The seedlings are planted along the perimeter of the land, and the trees grow close to each other as it grows. This makes the fence impenetrable. It requires a lot of patience.

8. Cost Of PVC Fencing In Kenya

On average, a PVC chain-link fence in Kenya costs Sh.1,100-Sh.1650 per linear meter. PVC is made out of plastic materials. When fencing with PVC, the use of metal posts is every day. This type of fencing is the cheapest among all the types of fencing. Although it uses metal fencing posts, it only needs four posts for four corners of a specific perimeter. This will save a lot of money that would have been used to buy extra fencing posts. PVC fencing is used in Kenya to set perimeters for chickens. It is also used in fencing small sporting fields like tennis ball fields.

Cost Of Fencing Posts In Kenya

The cost of fencing posts in Kenya is Sh.1,000-Sh.15,000 per post on average. Different types of fencing posts cost differently. We have prepared a detailed explanation of the different types of fencing posts and how much they cost.

a. Cost Of Wooden Fencing Posts In Kenya

The cost of fencing wood in Kenya is 25 shillings to 30 shillings per foot with a 5-inch diameter on average. The quality of the wood will determine how much you will spend on a wood post. Wood posts are mainly used to attach barbed wires and chain-link fences. Wooden posts are readily available in most parts of Kenya and are easily transported due to their lightweight.

b. Cost Of Concrete Fencing Posts In Kenya

Concrete fencing posts in Kenya cost 1,000 shillings to 2,500 shillings per post on average. A concrete fencing post is mainly used to attach chain-link and barbed-wire fencing in areas that require high security. You must have a high budget to build a fence using concrete fencing posts. You must spend much more money transporting concrete posts than wooden posts.

c. Cost Of Metal Fencing Posts In Kenya

The cost price of metal posts in Kenya is 7,000 shillings to 10,000 shillings per pole, depending on its dimensions. Metal posts are the most expensive type of fencing. Industries and companies mostly use them to set a perimeter around their establishments. It offers maximum security when used together with chain-link fencing. The cost of transporting metal posts is high due to their heavy weight.

Frequent Questions About Fencing In Kenya

What are the cheap fencing options in Kenya?

Razor-wire electric fencing and chain-link fencing are he cheap fencing options in Kenya. These types of fencing are bought already prefabricated. The only work one has to do is erect posts and nail the fence to the posts. They are light in weight, therefore, have affordable transportation costs.

What is the cheapest fence?

PVC fencing is the cheapest in Kenya since when fencing with PVC, you do not need as many posts as other fencing types, like barbed-wire. You will need only four posts to erect your square or rectangular perimeter fence. PVC fencing is only used for small perimeters like tennis-ball fields.

How much fence does a 1-acre land need?

1 acre of land needs 260 to 300 linear meters of a fence on average. The length you desire your fence to reach will determine how much fence you need for your 1-acre land.

How much does one meter of fence cost?

The cost of 1 meter of fence is 300 shillings to 1,000 shillings per linear meter on average. The cost of a one-meter fence depends on the type of fence. The most expensive type of fencing is a wall fence. The most affordable type of fence in Kenya is a PVC fence.

How do I install a fence at a cheap cost?

To fence at a cheap cost, ensure you do the following:
– Buy fencing materials from a nearby supplier to save on transportation costs.
– Use PVC fencing. It is cheaper compared to other types of fencing.
– Space your fencing posts a bit far from each other. This will save you money on fencing posts because you will use a few.
– Minimize labor costs by erecting a fence yourself. You can take time to learn, and you will realize it’s not difficult unless you are installing electric fencing

How many poles are needed to fence an acre?

An acre of land needs 130 to 150 fencing posts on average. This will depend on the type of fencing you want to use. Some types of fencing, like barbed-wire fencing, use more posts because they are hardly stable. In this case, you will use more posts. You do not need as many fencing posts when using chain link and PVC fencing. These types of fencing can stand firm on their own; they use very few posts to increase their strength.

How much does it cost to fence a 50 by 100 plot in Kenya using Chainlink?

It costs 250,000 shillings to 450,000 shillings on average to fence a 50 by 100 plot using chain-link in Kenya